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The Gift of Tongues (2.12.11)

“The Father oversees the works of God.

The Son manages the works of God.

The Holy Spirit actions the works of God.

The triumvirate of God is the trinity of God,

                                      is the unity of God,

                                      is the point of singularity for the worship of the universe as known to man.

The triumvirate of God works in perfect unison in the functioning of the entity of God.

The entity of God was.

The entity of God is.

The entity of God continues.

The entity of God dwells as in infinity,

                                         in the concept of eternity,

                                         outside the time of man,

                                         as the singularity of existence.

The entity of God is the supreme authority within the universe of man,

                                                                 within the universes of creation,

                                                                 within the universes yet to be.

The entity of God is currently beyond the comprehension of man in his mortality.

There are no words in any language of man capable of conveying that which is known to God,

                                                                                                  that which is known within the heavens of God,

                                                                                           that which awaits the transition of man into an eternal being.

The use of the parables,

                  the metaphors,

                  the allegories,

                  the similes of man are as God using a sledgehammer of composition in the heavens to crack a nut upon the earth of man.

The realities of the heavens of God are not directly translatable into the written or the spoken words of man.

The limitations of the vocabularies of man impose repetition of the phrases associated with divinity.

The gift of tongues exemplifies the difficulty of conversing with understanding during the mortality of man.

The gift of tongues exemplifies the extended languages of the heavens apparent on the tongue of man,

                                exemplifies the difficulty to forge man’s comprehension,

                                exemplifies the difficulty in man receiving an accurate translation of the spoken tongue

                                                                                                          when constructions are missing from the vocabulary of the day.

             So this can be likened to Eskimos using English to converse on the subjectiveness of snow.

The gift of tongues is the highway of expression built for the use of man in talking to his God,

                                                                               in speaking forth the messaging of God,

                                                                            in receiving blessings when achieving fluency both in the sending and receiving.

The gift of tongues awaits the exploration of man,

                                awaits familiarity through frequency of practice,

                                awaits freedom to progress the soul of man.

The gift of tongues awaits the fullness of achievement as designed by God for man.

The gift of tongues summits in direct communication:

                                          which has no means of interruption;

                                          which is conversant with the heavens;

                                          which moves man in preparation into the realm of the reality of thought.”


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