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The Idolatry of Man (24.1.12)

“The idolatry of man varies within each land,

                                             within each nation,

                                             within each tongue of the people,

                                             within each culture of man.

The idolatry of man is widespread,

                                    increasing by the day,

                                    bringing blasphemy of the tongue as the companion of the fool.

The idolatry of man expands with the opportunities before his eyes,

                                                                                   before his ears,

                                                                                   before his nose,

                                                                                   before his mouth,

                                                                                   before his hands,

                                                                                   before his heart.

The idolatry of man is dependent on his senses.

The idolatry of man leads the soul without a care,

                                 leads the spirit with reluctance,

                                 leads the sinner without honour to the destiny of default.

The idolatry of man fixates to steal his time,

                                 fixates to steal his wealth,

                                 fixates to garner his attention,

                                 fixates on the hay or straw,

                                 fixates on gathering the fuel for testing with a fire.

The idolatry of man has worship which is ineffectual;

                                 has praise which is unacknowledged,

                                 has prayers which are ignored,

                                 has offerings of great expense,

                                 has disciples declaring the will of man as if the will of God,

                                 has constructions which abjure The Living God.

The idolatry of man funnels man away from The God of truth with light,

                                                                       The God of life with love,

                                                                       The God of goodness with grace.

The idolatry of man confirms man’s fallen state,

                                 confirms man’s walk in pride,

                                 confirms man’s preoccupation with himself,

                                 confirms man’s leading as by a ring within his nose,

                                 confirms man’s captivity in the domain of Satan,

                                 confirms man’s lack of perception in the gods he has established.

The idolatry of man soothes the frustrations of man,

                                 soothes the burdens of man,

                                 soothes the urgency of man,

                                 soothes the searching of man,

                                 soothes the inhibitions of man,

                                 soothes the objectives of man.

The idolatry of man soothes the expectations of man,

                                 soothes the acceptance of the counterfeit,

                                 soothes the wariness of the spirit,

                                 soothes the acceptability of lies,

                                 soothes the objections to the intent of evil,

                                 soothes the breaking of a promise.

The idolatry of man soothes man’s search for God,

                                 soothes the destiny of default,

                                 soothes the beliefs of the agnostic,

                                 soothes the forbidden under God,

                                 soothes the word of God,

                                 soothes the truth for acceptance of deceit.

The idolatry of man soothes man in justifying the breaking of a heart within the presence of God.

The idolatry of man knows the impugning of righteousness in faith,

                                             the clutching at a straw in hope,

                                             the ignoring of a life-boat sent when in distress.

The idolatry of man is a ploy of Satan,

                                 is a folly with immensity of effect,

                                 is the denigration of the truth,

                                 is the substitution which steals a destiny with The Living God.”


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