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The Scripts of Man (26.11.10)

“The authority of man is as nought without the companionship of God, 

                                                         without a relationship with God, 

                                                         without the counselling of God. 

The authority of man has no standing before God when he looks to the flesh for confirmation of his own freewill.

The approbation of man is of little recompense for the staining of his own freewill when he has no bleach. 

The approbation of man carries little weight when a reference is unfolded within the courts on high, 

                                                                       when the books are opened which the Holy Spirit has already vetted.

The approbation of man has no worth beyond the grave when there is no entry in a book that leads to life. 

The approbation of man cannot make an entry on the behalf of another – 

                                                         when the Spirit is not present, 

                                                                                   is not welcome, 

                                                                                   encounters a shut door with the lock engaged.

The approbation of man is the slow ball of Pride bowled at the legs of man; 

                                        is the slow ball delivered when the guard is not in place – 

                                                                                 when the bat rests on a shoulder; 

                                        is the slow ball delivered at the stumps of man – 

                                                                                      which fells the giants – 

                                                                                      which fells the fledglings: 

                                                                                      which fell those who do not know the armour of the game.

For the armour of the game of life needs to be in place prior to the striking of the stumps, 

                                                                                        prior to a huddled heap, 

                                                                                        prior to the umpire’s call, 

                                                                                        prior to a walk into the depth of shade where the earth is heaped. 


        where the earth is heaped, 

                 the crowd in approbation stand around to shake their heads: 

                                                                     as they listen to what has been and is.

       So may the curtain call be made.

       So may the curtain fall.

       So may the curtain fail to be drawn up to the light again.

The stage of life has no reruns on demand, 

                           has no dress rehearsals, 

                           has no prompter for the lines which were never studied. 

The stage of life is setup with directors, 

                           is well lit with spotlights, 

                           has the prompter waiting in the wings.

The stage of life is furnished according to the life portrayed, 

                                               according to the contribution of freewill, 

                                               according to the producer who knows the end from the beginning.

The producer of the stage of life knows both the first act which has already been; 

                                                                        the third act which is still to come. 

The producer of the stage of life can see into the darkness, 

                                                    can see into the light. 

The producer of the stage of life prepares for whether the third act will be lit; 

                                                                              or play out in the darkness in the denial of the light.

The producer of the stage of life is a fan of happy endings, 

                                                     wants to run the script in place prior to the first act, 

                                                     knows the smirking scriptwriter coming in partway through the second act.

The producer of the stage of life is presented with an ending changed from that that was envisaged, 

                                                     is insistent there is now no time for further variance from the new script declared as valid, 

                                                     is no longer able to follow the rejected script by the leading man within the role.”


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