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The Squanderings of Man (14.3.11)

“The squanderings of man are usually seen in retrospect, 

                                           are usually obvious after the time of loss, 

                                           are usually evident in an empty wallet.

The squanderings of man speak of ill-considered actions, 

                                                    of the foolishness of decisions, 

                                                    of the recklessness of trust.

The squanderings of man are not the harbingers of wisdom, 

                                          are not for the writing off to experience, 

                                          are not the signs of a calling card of knowledge.

The squanderings of man are not found in a flash of inspiration, 

                                          are not found in the records of the righteous, 

                                          are not found in the counsel of the wise.

The squanderings of man occur both day and night, 

                                          occur without regard to consequence, 

                                          occur without consideration of the cost.

The squanderings of man are wasteful in extreme, 

                                          are wasteful of resources placed at his disposal, 

                                          are wasteful of what can never be recovered.

The squanderings of man bring regret to his spirit, 

                                                   damage to his body, 

                                                   the shrinking of his soul.

The squanderings of man see the disappearance of the necessities of life, 

                                         witness the losing of the provisioning of God, 

                                         ensure shortages later become apparent as they encroach upon a soul.

         For what man wilfully squanders, 

                    as of little worth, 

                                God will not replace. 

         For a set opportunity of advancement, 

         for time as measured in a ration, 

         for wealth stored within a season: 

                                             is not reset to rotate for a revision, 

                                             is not for exchanging for a larger portion, 

                                             is not for re-accrual after a dissipation.

The squanderings of man are the cause of heartache to The Lord: 

                                               the witnessing of foolishness in action; 

                                               being present at the killing of a vision; 

                                               knowing a calling of great potential will neither be answered nor fulfilled.

The squanderings of man is pitiful to see, 

                                          is sadness in the making, 

                                          is an envelope willingly stuffed with what are destined to become the regrets of life.

The regrets of life cannot be redeemed, 

                              are as the record stands, 

                              are as the devil encouraged in the presence of a silenced spirit.

The squanderings of man mark the disposal of his resources without any form of real reward, 

                                          mark the surroundings of a fool, 

                                          mark a waste of opportunity, 

                                          mark a waste of time, 

                                          mark a waste of effort, 

                                          mark the walk of man without the counsel of the loving God.”


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