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The Storming of The Seas (23.1.12)

“The storming of the seas leave no shore unwashed,

                                          leave scars on the memory of man,

                                          leave forlornness in the wake,

                                          leave the stranded on higher ground,

                                          leave the shorelines in the tatters of the day,

                                          leave the wreckage of man scattered for display.

The storming of the seas boil with the variance of disparity,

                                        vanquish the impediments encountered,

                                        demolish the constructions built for serving man,

                                        inundate the seizures of the day,

                                        release the targets for destruction,

                                        obfuscate the power of recognition.

The storming of the seas are general in the approach,

                                        do not harbour feelings of revenge,

                                        do not encircle so to crush,

                                        do not have the control of man,

                                        do not perform an encore,

                                        do not favour a time of day.

The storming of the seas terrify with their presence,

                                        threaten the safety of all,

                                        are the subject of much prayer,

                                        escalate to a crescendo,

                                        slide into oblivion,

                                        waken somewhere else on another day.

The storming of the seas surge far inland,

                                        exhibit force within the onslaught,

                                        gather to possess as their will decides,

                                        retreat with the looting of the day,

                                        dispose far and wide as the crest dictates,

                                        demonstrate the miracles of mercy on the surfaces of the seas.

The storming of the seas have a beginning and an end,

                                        encompass the futility of action too long delayed,

                                        reward the preparations needed for the day,

                                        succumb to the watchmen in the towers,

                                        circumvent the sentries on the battlements,

                                        signify a sanctuary to the perceptive and the righteous.

The storming of the seas overcome the vessels deployed upon the seas,

                                        turn to flotsam the craft within the harbours,

                                        remove landscapes from the maps of man,

                                        target for subjugation the monoliths of the day,

                                        upheave the waters of invasions,

                                        install the walls which teeter on the brink of the imaginings of man.

The storming of the seas are the assaults on man:

                                                     on all his senses,

                                                     on his well-being,

                                                     on his security,

                                                     on his livelihood,

                                                     on his mortality of the day,

                                                     on his fragility of being.

The storming of the seas arise from the implications of the idolatry of man,

                                        arise from man’s appointment with the Kingdom,

                                        arise from the blasphemies of man,

                                        arise from the approaching of the day,

                                        arise from the new covenant about to flower,

                                        arise from the Holy Spirit’s call,

                                        arise from the declaration of the fullness of time.”


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