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The Survival of The Flock (5.6.09)

“The sequencing of time is not for the faint-hearted.

      The passage of time is not for the weak-minded.

      The future,

                 past and present rely on expectation,

                                                        memory and experience.

      The present will not always be the basis of the future.

      The past is only valid if memory is not impaired.

      The future has no bearing on those without belief.

      The past has no relevance for those in denial of a future.

      The present cannot be a stepping-stone for those without progression.

Denial of a God of impact destroys the morality of man,

                                            makes ethics relevant to the chorus of the refrains of man,

                                            tears down the fabric of society to the rule of violence by decree.

Justice cannot be complete in the absence of the reading of the heart.

Man is not able to release the truth when perceived in the absence of a standard.

Man’s idea of justice is judgement via the law.

The deviousness of man prevents the law of man to deliver justice when so sought.

The acorn of the oak tree has more chance of success than a child when encircled by the faithless,

                                                                                                          when schooled without control,

                                                                                                          when reared solely by the world.

None deserve of honour in a home that has no faith,

                                                                has no hope,

                                                                has no vision –

                                                  where the present is repeated as a cycle of despair.

A home cannot teach what remains unknown.

A child is not instructed by what has been discarded –

                                       by what has been ignored –

                                       by what has been rejected –

                                  from the maturation of that child.

Even so man can aspire to be an over-comer,

                                                 a seeker of the truth –

                                                         that which remains always as it was,

                                                                                         always as it is,

                                                                                         always as it is yet to be.

Even so man can exercise freewill –

                                         to accept the need to change –

                                         to turn from and forsake a character of hopelessness that denies the truth.

Even so man can be as he was intended,

                                                with potential fully realized,

                                                with ability developed,

                                                with wisdom ingrained upon his soul.

      For such,

            the laws of man hold no fears,

                 deliver no injustice that endures,

                 are not misused because of pride.

      For such,

            a hand uplifts;

            a voice quietly whispers to a spirit;

            a soul listens and obeys.

      For such await the fulfilment of a promise that extends a life for ever.

      For such await the promise that enables the shedding of the grave as the husk of transformation.

      For such await the promise of a further welcome.

      For such await the promise of fellowship within a garden crafted at the son-rise.

      For such are sealed through an eternal covenant,

            bestowed by grace at a sacrifice they could not pay –

                 a redemption from sin that has power and authority:

                             to fill the halls of heaven or the chambers of a heart or a mansion on high –

                                                                                                   with the flock that knows the shepherd’s call.”


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