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The Vagaries of Man (12.5.11)

“The vagaries of man come and go as on a whim,

                                   speak of the unexpected,

                                   speak of the inexplicable.

The vagaries of man circumvent the concept of a plan,

                                  circumvent the order of the mind,

                                  circumvent the graphing of intent.

The vagaries of man demonstrate the variety within the freewill of man,

                                  demonstrate the reticence of the soul,

                                  demonstrate the sparking of the spirit,

                                  demonstrate the points of interest to the body.

The vagaries of man are set to be as spice within a life,

                                                      the freeing of the spirit for an instant,

                                                      the celebration of what may be ridiculous;

                                                                               of mirth which bubbles to the surface;

                                                                               of humour released from its capsule of containment;

                                                                               of a visit on the spur of the moment as it passes.

The vagaries of man benefit from wisdom,

                                  benefit from input from the spirit,

                                  benefit from attentiveness to counsel.

The vagaries of man can point man to the stars of light,

                                  can point man to the mines of darkness.

The vagaries of man are hazardous when as an impulse,

                                  are hazardous when inviting destruction,

                                  are hazardous when springing from a captured soul.

Beware the flash of anger which knows no righteousness.

Beware the twitch of violence before it runs amok.

Beware the chain of blasphemy which imprisons the lips,

                                                                               the tongues,

                                                                               the mouth of man.

The vagaries of man carry responsibility,

                                  carry accountability,

                                  carry the rewards of passion,

                                  carry the penalties of sin.

The vagaries of man are the spikes of exploration,

                                  are the summits of the mole hills,

                                  are the steps before retreat,

                                  are the anticipations of what may not eventuate.

The vagaries of man may be but flights of fancy,

                                  may be but imaginings with out foundations,

                                  may be but a puff of wind which leaves no trace.”


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