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The Wayfarer of God (2.9.11)

“The wayfarer of God has a special relationship with God,

                                has a special empathy with God,

                                has a special time with God.

                        The wayfarer on the highway,

                         the wayfarer on the byway –

                                                   both can know a walk with God,

                                                   both can know the quietness of the footfall,

                                                   both can know the holiness of silence.

The wayfarer known to God does not stumble over the stepping stones of God,

                                      does not impede the tasking of God,

                                              does not have shoes upon his feet which squelch in the company of God.

The wayfarer seeking God reads the signposts on the way,

                                   tastes the fare encountered,

                                   notes the turning points of life.

The wayfarer finding God testifies in the encounters,

                                   sings in the presence of the tongues,

                                   praises in the dawn,

                                   worships in the dusk,

                                   prays in seeking wisdom,

                                   rejoices in the counsel.

The wayfarer rebuked by God grows actively in righteousness,

                                         grows conspicuously in wisdom,

                                         grows skilfully in knowledge,

                                         grows spiritually in faith,

                                         grows repentantly in application,

                                         grows humbly in experience,

                                         grows attentively in listening.

The wayfarer settling-in with God exhibits a change of heart,

                                                has no dust upon his shoes,

                                                has fingers where once were claws,

                                                has lips which no longer pass profanities,

                                                has a tongue from which blasphemy is banished.

The wayfarer delighting in God has discipleship to the fore,

                                            has evangelism in his heart,

                                            has righteousness dominant in his spirit,

                                            has agapé love embedded in his soul,

                                            has attentiveness to the being of his brother –

                                                                                            with no averted eyes.

The wayfarer sought by God may need to slow his pace,

                                       may need to unplug his ears,

                                       may need to be attentive to the still small voice of faith.

The wayfarer sought by God may need to review a dream,

                                       may need to discover the whereabouts of the living water,

                                       may need to avail himself of grace.

The wayfarer sought by God may have a destiny in question,

                                       may have a history of neglect,

                                       may have uttered a call for help.

The wayfarer sought by God should not decline assistance,

                                       should not postpone the decision of today,

                                       should not ascribe probity to evolution –

                                                                          as it stagnates as a misshapen lopsided theory of man.

The wayfarer sought by God should rejoice in his creation,

                                               should rejoice in his intended future,

                                               should rejoice at the grace on offer to him through the sacrifice of God.

The wayfarer sought by God should rejoice at the integrity of the martyrs who witnessed to the truth,

                                       should rejoice at the proximity of the end-time plan of God,

                                       should rejoice at the evidence provided by the loving God –

                                                                                        all of which is laid before him,

                                                                                                                 as it surrounds him,

                                                                                                                 as it interacts with him –

                                                                                                  for the building of his faith.”


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