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The Weather of God (29.8.11)

“The weather of man is not that forecast by God,

                                   is not that as assembled by God,

                                   is not that as prepared by God in the present for man to experience in his future. 

The weather of man is concentrated on the here and now, 

                                 reports on the vagaries, 

                                 seeks determinants among the components known to God. 

The weather of man could be called a mixture of composites, 

                                                           a brewing within a distillery, 

                                                           a seething at the shore line where the rocks do churn, 

                                                           a settling of the clouds which never carry rain, 

                                                           a flooding of the rivers which the dams cannot forestall, 

                                                           a trembling of the earth when his juggernauts traverse. 

The weather of man does not discern, 

                                  does not attribute, 

                                  does not foresee, 

                                  does not allocate to cause – 

                                                            the majesty, 

                                                            the grandeur, 

                                                            the authority of all which God holds within His hand, 

                                                                 of all which God impels by declaration, 

                                                                 of all which was and is and shall be within the oversight of God.

Beware the weather of God when He twirls a cloud. 

Beware the weather of God when He settles the strains within the earth. 

Beware the weather of God when He changes a sheet upon a bed. 

Beware the weather of God when He awakens a mount from slumber.

     For then the plume does rise to mark a release point of the earth.

     For then a wave uplifts to wash the shorelines of the earth.

     For then the ripples spread to even out the force paths of contraction.

     For then the power of God displays in might,

                                                               in majesty,

                                                               in awe,

                                         before the senses of man –

                                                    as the air in motion far surpasses the conceptual gradients of man.

So then man should discern the origin,

                     should discern the onset,

                     should discern the pattern.

So then man should search the book,

                                     long since written,

                                             which indicates a season within an age,

                                             which indicates a change of pace,

                                             which indicates a second coming.

So then man should note that which speaks of the birth pangs of great relevance,

                                                                  of the birth pangs of the troubling,

                                                                  of the birth pangs of the tribulation of man.

So it is as long since foretold.

So it is as the pages turn.

So it is as the time draws near.

So it is as grace prepares to depart.

So it is as the prophets speak.

So it is as God lifts the key which enables access.

So it is as the curtain rises will man soon experience all which lies beyond the veil.”


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