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The Temperature of The Soul (12.6.09)

“The temperature of the soul,

                  as measured by the spirit,

                  as reported by the tongue,

                  as evidenced by the body,

               is of great significance to man in his mortality.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when freezing,

                          plumbs the depths of depression that ignores the spirit’s input.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when freezing,

                          is confident in the denial of God,

                          is self-assured in slamming all doors shut in the face of hope,

                          is at home in the company of others of similar disdain.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when boiling,

                          brings the heights of elation that are difficult to counsel.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when boiling,

                          expands expectations beyond the realms of sanity.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when boiling,

                          nurtures excess straining that exceeds the will of God.

The temperature of the soul governs the behaviour of the soul in the presence of a teacher,

                                                           the reception of the soul when subject to control,

                                                           the response of the soul when resisting an attack.

The temperature of the soul best serves the body and the spirit’s destiny of dreams when heated by the fire of heaven

                                                                                                                                                      from the brazier of the spirit.

The temperature of the soul is kept hot by the brazier of the spirit when ignited and replenished by the torch of The Spirit.

              The visitation of the flaming torch causes the blazing of the brazier that heats the soul to hot.

              The hot soul proclaims its status to the heavens,

                                                    its status to the earth,

                                                    its status to Satan and his hordes.

              The hot soul soaks up information,

                                    demands more of the spirit,

                                    showers commands upon the body.

              The hot soul seeks out lost souls,

                                    offers a destiny of which they may have dreamed,

                                    displays a face of recognition that will lead them into light.

              The hot soul has a fire that burns within a temple,

                                                   that is fuelled from heaven,

                                                   that is tended day and night.

              The hot soul knows The Spirit as the builder of the Kingdom.

              The hot soul is in fellowship with the members of the household.

              The hot soul knows the power of the tongue of fire.

              The hot soul exuberantly rejoices at each known advancement of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

              The hot soul embraces new instructions,

                                    moves forward without fear,

                                    does not retreat,

                                    does not repeat the moves of yesteryear.

              The hot soul is set to be a winner of a race that has a garland as a prize.

              The hot soul is accompanied by the support of heaven.

              The hot soul should be forewarned against attempts to cool the soul.

              The cooling of the soul brings experiences of stages that are not encouraged –

                                                                                        stages that are comfortable,

                                                                                        stages that confuse,

                                                                                        stages that start to question,

                                                                                        stages that start to threaten the destiny of dreams,

                                                                                        stages that impose a potential future in the destiny of nightmares.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when cooled,

                          idles in inaction:

                          suffers sinful surroundings without rebuke,

                          does not scale the mountain tops,

                          has lapsed promises galore with little motivation for redemption.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when cooled,

                          is unpredictable in response to a call to service,

                                                                        to an uttered promise,

                                                                        to a yea or nay.

The temperature of the soul,

                  when cooled,

                          delays the building of the Kingdom,

                          postpones the progression of the soul,

                          frustrates the will of God.

              The nightmare of the soul is not a delight to visit,

                                                         is not a delight in which to dwell,

                                                         is not a delight of informed choice.

              The nightmares of the soul open a window to a potential destiny,

                                                          open a window for a sampling,

                                                          open a window that will have the curtains drawn.

              The nightmares of the soul are where the impounded stay for all eternity.

       The blessings of the soul prepare,

                 direct and transport all of like freewill to a destiny that befits the righteous aspirations of man –

                                                                   in his quest for life’s meaning and the answers thereto made known.

       There is no cause for disappointment,

                     no cause for a withdrawal,

                     no cause for a desire for the alternative –

                                                  when man,

                                                  with faith,

                                                  first encounters the preparations of The Lord:

                                                               for life within His jurisdiction.”


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