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The Occultists and The Sympathizers (28.11.12)

“The occult sympathizers have grace awaiting at the doorstep,

                                          have grace available when understanding dawns,

                                          have grace in place when a new commitment reigns,

                           when the discards due the past are jettisoned from dwelling within the soul,

                                                                                                  from impinging on the spirit,

                                                                                                  from the branding of the body as an evil residence.

The occultists of the earth require a change of heart,

                                           require the forsaking of their figurehead of evil,

                                           require the turning to the light with the forthright quitting of the shadowland of darkness.

For such as they grace awaits as light surmounts the darkest of the dark,

                                                as light envelops the curtained of the day,

                                                as light subscribes its light into the corners in need of cleaning where the residues would linger.

The occultists of the earth are playing with the likelihood of fire which can consume –

                                                                                         until nothing remains but the broken shells,

                                           are playing with the likelihood of the destruction of their spirits,

                                           are playing with the likelihood of the unending imprisonment of their souls.

The occultists and the sympathizers should take steps to avoid The Great White Throne judgment of God,

                                                           should not delay the recanting of their activities resulting from patterning of belief on the vain and proud,

                                                           should not forbear to testify of what they have been through before the rescues were put in place.

          For as time moves forward so the time of man decreases.

          For as time is misused so the shortage looms.

          For as time ends so it becomes too late to change the destiny awaiting.

          For the wise and the forthright will choose and change their destiny while it is today.

          For only the fool will procrastinate until time catches the new victim by surprise and the lot is cast.

          For only the fool will stand and ignore the counsel of My Spirit which tends the seed of faith in every heart of man.

          For only the slave will follow his master into hell.

So man may bring honour to his freewill choice of being in the companionship of God.

So man may demand respect for his freewill so going to where unwilling feet are dragged.

          So as the tune is called by man,

                                             so the tune is either honoured or respected by God.”


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