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The Exorcizing of Demons (29.7.09)

“The exorcizing of demons holds no fear for those who walk in designated authority.

The exorcizing of demons is the exercise of power within bestowed authority.

The exorcizing of demons is of no great portent.

The exorcizing of demons is manifested in changed lives.

The exorcizing of demons can be seen and heard and felt.

The exorcizing of demons is a testimony of The Holy Spirit.

The exorcizing of demons quells the querulous,

                                           opens mouths,

                                           widens eyes.

The exorcizing of demons tests the wisdom of the saints.

The exorcizing of demons is not for those who insist on drinking milk,

                                                                    who do not appreciate the need for informed company,

                                                                    who do not understand authority,

                                                                    who would seek shelter from power displayed.

The exorcizing of demons is signed by those with averted eyes,

                                                          by those without muscular control,

                                                          by those with obscenities on their lips,

                                                          by those with vocal cords in disarray.

The exorcizing of demons is required by those who sense all is not well within their soul,

                                                                                                                               their body,

                                                                                                                               their spirit.

The exorcizing of demons is required for those who come with curses,

                                                             for those subjected by oaths that swore allegiance to other gods –

                                                                                                                                                in idolatry –

                                                                                                                                                in the occult –

                                                                                                                                                in the isms of their lives,

                                                             for those who would seek freedom from the generational past –

                                                                                                                     from societies that spoke of other gods –

                                                                                                                     from when the knee was bent and brought no honour.

The guidance of The Holy Spirit is there in each participant to direct the comfort of the afflicted in reassurance of the outcome.

The exorcizing of demons is not for those who do not seek,

                                                                    who will not confess ‘Jesus is Lord’,

                                                                    who do not wish to disturb what they already have.

The exorcizing of demons is an offered pathway of release,

                                           is not a compulsive exercise.

The exorcizing of demons should not bring distress to those who value freedom.

The exorcizing of demons when in the presence,

                                                         the power,

                                                         the moving of the Holy Spirit:

                                                                                               cannot result in the endangerment of anyone’s mortality,

                                                                                               cannot cause a death,

                                                                                               cannot issue threats with any thread of truth.

The exorcizing of demons are not the acts of man.

The exorcizing of demons exhibits the pled ministry of God,

                                                         the sought ministry of God,

                                                         the imparted ministry of God.

The exorcizing of demons is evidence of demonic influence that is to be brought to an abrupt ending,

                                                                                                 that is to be no longer countenanced,

                                                                                                 that is to denote the restoration of a temple,

                                                                                                 that is to mark the eviction of the squatters who have now

                                                                                                                                                            outstayed their welcome.

The exorcizing of demons is not a conversation,

                                           is deaf to a pleading of a cause,

                                           invokes no sympathy for invaders.

The exorcizing of demons is the gathering of evidence,

                                               a judgement made on truth,

                                               the issuing of commands that bring release:

                                                      from those who know authority –

                                                      when the power of the Holy Spirit will witness to the senses.

          Failure to evict is an admission of defeat.

          Failure to evict is a sign of the lack of much prayer and fasting.

          Failure to evict requires a designated time for when the battle is rejoined.

The exorcizing of demons leaves none in residence,

                                                      no caretaker to open doors,

                                                      none charged with spheres of influence:

                                                                                            for all is swept and clean.

The exorcizing of demons drops the hangers-on,

                                           sheds the riders on the shoulders that whisper to the ears,

                                           removes the probing fingers searching for a hook:

                                                                               then surfaces are all dry-cleaned.

The exorcizing of demons is needed when relationships are strained –

                                                           when counsel is declined,

                                                           when confusion strikes the mind,

                                                           when a cowed spirit hovers over a soul doing as it pleases.

The exorcizing of demons is needed when an invitation has been extended,

                                                           when there has been an impartation through the laying-on of hands,

                                                           when deeds signify acceptance of tentative enquiries.

          Demons can be invited through the landscape of the eyes,

                                                             the misuse of the hands,

                                                             the irreverence of the tongue.

          Demons can be invited through the impulses of the ear,

                                                             the odours of invasion,

                                                             the forbidden touch.

          Demons gleefully participate in the occult,

                                                          in idolatry,

                                                          in perversions with mind appeal.

          Beware of the windows opened:

                            the windows of the residence,

                            the windows of the temple,

                                       that will display a welcome sign to demons in the absence of a covering.

The exorcizing of demons follows a request,

                                                        a confession,

                                                        a repentance born of understanding:

                                     of the influence previously yielded to those who would but harm.

The exorcizing of demons follows repudiation of the contract with the demons that accepted an invitation to attend.

The exorcizing of demons spells an end to suffering incurred without informed consent,

                                                                                    incurred by agencies beyond immediate control,

                                                                                    incurred by the willingness of acceptance of experiments with death.

The exorcizing of demons should result in a change of attitude,

                                                                 in a seeking of the truth,

                                                                 in a forsaking of past habits,

                                                                 in a denial of an access previously laid bare.

The exorcizing of demons re-establishes the firewall of a recovering soul.

          The firewall of the soul is checked for leaks by the spirit of man –

                                                                                      the lamp of The Lord –

                                                                                           that searches in the light.”


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