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The Health of My Flock (18.10.12)

“The health of My flock is to be guarded and secured,

                                        is to be checked and determined,

                                        is to be administered to and cured.

The health of My flock is not to be impaired by Satan,

                                       is not to be troubled by his cronies,

                                       is not to be fraught with hangers-on,

                                       is not to be a stamping ground for demons,

                                       is not to be a fishing ground for souls,

                                       is not to be bisected by those intent on another journey.

The health of My flock is in the care of those who should know better –

                        than to tolerate the intolerable,

                        than to look the other way from that which is visible and seen by all,

                        than to pretend to be in ignorance of activities renowned for their unwholesomeness,

                        than to check the trivial and bypass the major,

                        than to think they are too busy to attend to the stitch in time,

                        than to be inattentive to all which their callings are expected to entail.

The health of My flock is expected to be overseen with care,

                                       is expected to surmount the quest for purity,

                                       is expected to be counselled and advised,

                                                          to be shorn and to be dagged,

                                                          to be drenched and dewormed.

                                   Beware the worms which burrow from within out of the sight of man.

The health of My flock is expected to be overseen by those expected to deal with infestations on the spread:

                                                                                                                             to the crippling of the soul;

                                                                                                                             to the silencing of the spirit;

                                                                                                                             to the limping of the body.

The health of My flock is expected to be examined when one is seen to linger in the bushes,

                                                                                                   is known to have lost its appetite,

                                                                                                   complains of being cold when lying in the sunlight,

                                                                                                   asserts he is fine even as the fever rages,

                                                                                                   is willing to stay silent when once he was as a babbling brook
                                                                                                                                                as the waters flowed,

                                                                                                   where he has lost his place at the meal table at which he is no
                                                                                                                                                           longer hungry.

The health of My flock is of great concern to God,

                                       is under constant attack,

                                       often cannot recognize the attackers for who they really are,

                                       often do not believe they need to be chased away,

                                       often are happy with the status quo,

                                       often are in denial of the attack at all.

The health of My flock is disturbed when gathered by the rumour mill of Satan:

                                      which mixes a taste of truth with the exaggerated lies of man,

                                      which conducts a witch hunt for the gullible and voluble then sets them captive and empowered with

                                      which hides behind the mask of confidentiality in a conspiracy of doubt,

                                      which starts with a simple question as the lead-in to the opening of the attack upon the soul.

The health of My flock,

                         where the care is excellent,

                                                 is evident from progress in the ridding of slothfulness,

                                                 is evident from the confidence in repeating what they have been taught,

                                                                                                        what My pulpit has imparted to the listening and the attentive,

                                                                                                        what has been heard and seen and sensed in the presence
                                                                                                                                                                        of My Spirit,

                                                                                                        what has been brought as My Spirit moves to shell the nut –

                                                                                                                                 so the kernel can be broken forth.

The health of My flock is vital to the works of God,

                                       is vital to the works in progress,

                                       is vital to the outcome of achievement,

                                       is vital to the graduation call,

                                       is vital to the labourers in My fields,

                                       is vital in avoiding the mislaying of a soul.

The health of My flock is not expected to be sickly and withdrawn,

                                       is not expected to be drawn and pale,

                                       is not expected to be malnourished and underfed.

The health of My flock is expected to reflect the provisioning of God,

                                       is not to reflect the provisioning of man –

                                               where the provisions have been intercepted and not passed on,

                                                                                  have been tampered with and had their labels changed,

                                                                                  have been unaccepted with the labels all in disarray.

               Beware My flock where My Spirit is heard yet believed to whisper weakly –

                                                                                                as ears are mostly deaf and none anoint with oil.

The health of My flock is tested on the prayer pathways leading to the harvest:

                                                    on the prayer gateways so each is standing open,

                                                    on the prayer fields where all are carefully cropped and marked,

                                                    on the prayer fields where water is controlled as the crop is set to ripen,

                                     on the fields of God where His crop-in-waiting is ready to be brought into His barns.”


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