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The Entrance into Hell (10.5.11)

“The entrance into Hell is not a position in which to be,

                                      is not a desirable experience of existence,

                                      is not an attractive proposition.

The entrance into Hell was never meant to accept the feet of the anguished,

                                    was never meant to have the angels of the guard manhandle the recalcitrant,

                                    was never meant to hear the blasphemies of man.

The entrance into Hell has imprisonment by fire,

                                    has gates built of the fire of fury,

                                    has escape impossible as the fire of fury burns within the soul of man.

The stink of fury unleashed assails the nostrils of all within the confines of the Hell gates of eternity.

The fury of the soul feeds the fire of fury into a conflagration which breeds hatred in the soul which then feeds upon itself.

The stink of fury is the smell of brimstone –

                                the flowers of sulphur which has no petals –

                                the molten mess with a flame of blue –

                                the breeder of the acidifier of the water –

                                the antagonist of life,

                                                            of the spirit –

                                the inheritance of mortality when within the net of sin,

                                                                         when within the grip of Satan,

                                                                         when as a willing participant in promoting the spread of evil on the Earth.

The fury of the soul takes all captive –

                                                  the spirit with the body –

                 before the blast furnace of Hell which surrounds the lake of fire –

                                                                               the lake of brimstone –

                                                                               the lake of fire and brimstone –

                 which is beyond the escapades of man yet ever in his thoughts,

                                                                               yet ever before his senses,

                                                                               yet ever a vision of Hell conflict which frustrates the escape of the soul –

                                                             by repeated renewals of the explosive flames of fury as heat intensifies at the perimeter:

                                                                                                                        the perimeter stemming from the gates of Hell.

The fury of the soul has no repose in Hell,

                                 has no respite in Hell,

                                 has no correspondence with any other existence,

                                 has no form of reward,

                                 has no sharing,

                                 has no conversation which offers any sense of hope.

The fury of the soul continues unabated,

                                 continues into the reaches of eternity –

                                                 into the depths of the bottomless pit.


        as his follower,

                     the soul of man is to be impounded with Satan,

                                                                           as sequestered,

                                                                                       together with the false prophets.

Foolish are they who in their ignorance believe Hell is a winsome alternative for man,

                                                                                holds no fear as an attractive destiny,

                                                                                can be arrived at with impunity,

                                                                                can even be enjoyed,

                                                                                may even not exist.

Foolish are they who fall for the lies of Satan.

For the lies of Satan fall from the lips of man,

                                 fall from all the false religions bred of Satan –

                                 fall from those derived from fallen angels,

                                 fall from the false prophets,

                                 fall from the authors under satanic agency,

                                 fall from the authors of deception,

                                 fall from the intellects of fools who are seen as naked as their birth when their wisdom is examined: 

                                                                          fools who masquerade behind the walls of learning in confessed ignorance of God,

                                                                          fools who walk the halls of fame within the edifices of man,

                                      yet saying nothing worth reporting as they reject what they have read,

                                                                                                     what are the works of God –

                                                                                                     what will impact as a late explosion in their minds –

                                                                          when the die is cast as it encounters the end of grace.

Foolish are they who seek,

        yet follow,

        yet accept,

                     the opinion of the ignorant who offer counsel yet know not that of which they speak.

Wise are they who seek the words of wisdom –

                 which speak directly to each spirit of the things of God – 

                               for they receive the living waters which will quench the thirst within their souls.”


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