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The Encounter at The Cross (14.11.10)


      The Lord, 

              would speak to all those who read My word this day,

                                       all who intend someday to know me,

                                       all who have heard My name issue as profanity from the lips of man,

                                       all who have heard of Me in discussions of dismissal,

                                       all who have heard of me when within their childhood,

                                       all who have heard of me yet are without experience,

                                       all who have sought the meaning of life yet remain without an answer.

To such as these I,

           The Lord of all creation,

                       would make myself known:

                                  with signs and wonders being prior to the closure of the age of grace.

To such as these I,

           The Lord of deep concern,

                       would offer this,

                                  My website,

                                              as the purveyor of the counsel within both My morsels and My scrolls.

To such as these I,

           The Lord,

                       offer the gifts of The Holy Spirit that all may know I AM,

                                  that such signs will follow the ministry of My Spirit,

                                              that these will bear witness of the presence of My Spirit and the impartations of The God of Love.

To such as these:

           may their questions,

                       from their questing spirits,

                                  be answered in brevity in the feeding of their spirits and their souls.

To such as these:

           is the search for meaning,

                                for understanding established amongst My words herein,

                                              scribed as instructed,

                                                           for the benefit of those as if lost within a desert –

                                                           who do not know where the oasis dwells –

                                                                       who know not whom to trust when the clamour of corruption rules both the night
                                                                                                                                                                                       and the day.

To such as these,

           and as My disciples enquired so long ago,


                          The Lord,

                                  in love,

                                       repeat the prayer I so taught them then,

                                                                    I so teach them now:

                                                    Our Father in heaven,

                                                    hallowed be Your name,

                                                    Your kingdom come.

                                                    Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.

                                                    Give us this day our daily bread.

                                                    And forgive us our debts,

                                                    As we forgive our debtors.

                                                    And do not lead us into temptation,

                                                    But deliver us from the evil one.

                                                    For Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory for ever. 

                                                                                                                                            Amen. *

The closure of the time for an entry to be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life;

 the closure of the time when procrastination is deemed to have won the day;

 the closure of the end-time harvest where there are none but averted eyes,

                                                                                   none but defiant smirks,

                                                                                   none but with lifted glasses,

                                                                                                  with slurred speech,

                                                                                                  with eyes glazed upon the departure of the senses.

     For such as these,


                 The Lord,

                        have met before:

                              when they came to mock,

                              when they shouted ‘Barabbas’ in what they thought was anonymity,

                              when they in freewill became,

                                                                  maintained their membership:

                                                           amidst the cohorts of blackened hearts.

     For such as these will discover the full meaning of the blackening,

                                                       the full meaning of the loss of access to the light,

                                                       the full meaning of being in the company of hearts of like ilk.

     For such as these will discover blackness is still present in the presence of the fire,

                                                       blackness is still present in the presence of the chains,

                                                       blackness is still present in the cells of screams,

                                                       blackness is still present when within the smell of sulphur,

                                                       blackness is still present amidst the new found fears of man,

                                                       blackness is still present in the surroundings of imprisoned souls.


     The Lord,

            offer to all who sought and seek;

                        all who would attain a relationship with The God of Love;

                        all who would choose the way of discipleship led by the light of My Spirit:

                                                                                                          My forgiveness in grace,

                                                                                                          My salvation through repentance,

                                                                                                          My exaltation through the cross.

For at Calvary the cross bore the Son of man to an earthly grave.

For at Calvary The Father bore His Son through His resurrection to a Kingdom.

For at Calvary The Son of God bore man upon His suffering to rise into an inheritance prepared with a destiny of choice.

For at Calvary did man first see the promise of an opened grave.

For at Calvary there was a reconciliation where God and man did meet –

                                                                     as heaven and earth encountered each other at the cross.”

Scribal Note: * Matthew 6:9–13 (The Bible – New King James Version)


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