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The Return of The Shepherd (25.10.08)

"I love My sheep.

      My sheep are ready for the sheepfold. 

           I protect all those within the sheepfold. 

           I protect all those who know My voice.

           I protect all those who answer to their names.

           I protect all those who seek the sanctuary of The Lord.

           I protect all those who call My name.

           I protect all those known to The Father.

           I protect all those known to My Spirit.

           I protect all those who would become a lamb,

                                                                        a sheep,

                                                                        a member of My flock.

           Those who answer to their names are blessed.

           Those who answer to their names stay within the flock.

           Those who answer to their names will hear the call of God.

All those within the flock will know the sign of God.

      The sign of God is for the sheep.

      The sign of God is spread across the skies.

      The sign of God heralds the Shepherd of the Sheep.

      The sign of God calls the flock to gather and prepare.

      The sign of God is the trumpet blast of God –

                                     the trumpet blast that wakens all the sheep –

                                     the trumpet blast that brings fear only to the lost.

All will hear the trumpet blast of God.

      The trumpet blast of God heralds a new era in to the life of man.

Listen for,

      hearken to,

      arise for,

      the trumpet blast of God that calls the sheep:

                                                             the sheep within the sheepfold,

                                                             the sheep with spotless coats,

                                                             the sheep with fleeces that testify,

                                                             the sheep whose hearts are pure,

                                                             the sheep that do await the return of the shepherd to the fold.”


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