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The Season of The Heralds (12.5.10)


       The Lord,

              seek the generation of the youth of man,

              would impart a calling into the youth of man,

              would sustain the vision of the youth of man.

For the youth of man are called to be the heralds of today,

                                   are called to be the servers at the table of The Lord,

                                   are called to be the harbingers of the sounds of jubilation.

For the youth of The Lord have mastery of the networks of the earth,

                                           have acquired the heraldic answer to shout to tens of thousands with an ear to hear,

                                           have the answer to the onslaught of demonic forces in this day of grace. 

For the youth of The Lord have encirclement of the earth,

                                           have the outposts of endeavour,

                                           have the selflessness of the committed to a cause of honour -

                                                                                               the invitation to the souls of man -

                                                                                               the testimonies of The Spirit’s gifts -

                                                                                        the outpouring of The Spirit at the closing of the age of grace.

For at this time of man’s mortality is the broadcasting of the final call for man,

                                                                                   the last call for a commitment,

                                                                                   the curtain call for the message of the cross. 

For at this time of man’s progression is the knowledge of the ages now received within a home,

                                                                                      now available at a finger’s twitch,

                                                                                      now answers in an instant the questioning of man.

For at this time of man’s final reckoning will God’s will be achieved,

                                                                  will God’s sacrifice so garner the remnant faith on earth,

                                                                  will the residue of the faithless be left without recourse.


       faithless of the earth,

              let the spirit sprout the seed of faith while it is today,

                                                                        while the age of grace still reigns upon the earth,

                                                                        while the soul of man can still be saved,

                                                                                       can still accept the destiny of holiness,

                                                                                       can still initiate a walk with God.

For the stakes for man are at their highest,

                the implications at their greatest,

                        where the potential loss can fuel a fire for ever:

                                                                           with the shackling of man’s soul;

                                                                           with the destruction of man’s spirit;

                                                                                                    where a crown is never claimed;

                                                                                                           a gown is never fitted.”


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