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The Website of The Lord (Purpose) (22.7.10)

“The website of The Lord has a purpose in its being,

                                           has a purpose of good intent,

                                           has a purpose of benefitting man.

The website of The Lord brings forth the spoken word of God,

                                                            the written word of God,

                                                            the published word of God -

                                                            the word of God made known,

                                                                       as man learnt to hear,

                                                                       as man learnt to write,

                                                                       as man learnt to read,

                                                                       as man learnt to copy,

                                                                       as man learnt to print,

                                                                       as man learnt to bind a book,

                                                                       as man learnt to post,

                                                                       as man learnt to send his sounds far beyond the shouting of his voice,

                                                                       as man learnt to send his images without his need to travel,

                                                                       as man learnt to send his knowledge via distant encircling way stations,

                                                                       as man learnt to enable his networks of information:

                                                     so the word of God is spread for assimilation in the languages of man.

The website of The Lord reflects the will of God,

                                        has no items of iniquity,

                                        has no items which would disappoint upon reflection on the truth.

The website of The Lord emits the message for mankind,

                                        transmits the urgent call of God,

                                        has verity of content stamped with the seal of God -

                                                                                                the witness of The Holy Spirit -

                                                                                                                      that what is,

                                                                                                                            is as it should be,

                                                                                                                                and within the sight of God.

The website of The Lord is not a stagnant site,

                                         has content of importance to the welfare of man,

                                         has content available for reference which sums to the message of The Lord.

The message of The Lord is easily accessed,

                                          has no excuse of non-availability,

                                          is intended to be read at leisure,

                                                             to be put down and taken up as the appetite is fed,

                                                                                           as a decision is determined:

                                                                                           a decision of freewill -

                                                                                                            with an impact on each soul.”


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