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The Divine Commentary on The Book of Ezekiel - Ch 19 (29.10.11)

Eze 19:1   "Moreover take up a lamentation for the princes of Israel, 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants rarely know the end from the beginning,

                               rarely can foresee the ramifications of their effort,

                               rarely can attend a dedication arising from their vision.

My servants are not forgotten in the context within which they have served,

                             are not forgotten where it matters,

                             are not forgotten for the days of labour.

My servants do not have their rewards usurped by another,

                             do not have their rewards overwritten by those who follow,

                             do not have their rewards fail to make it to their store of treasure,

                             do not have their rewards lose their sparkle or their pleasure,

                                                     do not feel disappointment at a deferment of reward.”

Eze 19:2   "and say: 'What is your mother? A lioness: She lay down among the lions; Among the young lions she nourished her cubs. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants vacate,

My servants release,

My servants farewell as My Spirit counsels,

                                                 as My Spirit completes,

                                                 as My Spirit closes the reason for the presence of My servants.

My servants are not agents of deception,

                             do not abuse the trust implicit in the cross,

                             do not carry items they would hide from the light of day.

My servants value their integrity –

                                                                   of body,

                                                                          soul and spirit.

My servants do not despoil the status of their calling,

                                                              the honour of their task,

                                                              the beauty of their body.

My servants are careful in promoting,

                            are watchful in their actions,

                            are wise in their opinions.

My servants are careful in associating,

                            are cautious in partnering,

                            are trusting as verified.

My servants avoid the stigma of disgrace,

                            avoid contamination by their peers,

                            avoid the rumour and the lie.

My servants walk with precision in the narrow ways of God,

                             shy from the crowded jostling on the runways of temptation.”

Eze 19:3   She brought up one of her cubs, And he became a young lion; He learned to catch prey, And he devoured men. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants take their tools into the marketplace of man.

My servants support themselves within the marketplace of man.

My servants spread their abilities within the marketplace of man.

My servants seek equilibrium attuned to the marketplace of man.

My servants seek recompense from the marketplace of man.

My servants seek My provisioning only when failed by the marketplace of man.

My servants seeking their needs from within the marketplace of man do not feed from the table of The Lord.

For as My servants sow in disbelief so shall they reap in disbelief,

                                                                               so shall they become the beggars of The Lord,

                                                                               so shall they become beggared by the marketplace of man.”

Eze 19:4   The nations also heard of him; He was trapped in their pit, And they brought him with chains to the land of Egypt. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants should not preach in hypocrisy,

                               should not teach in hypocrisy,

                               should not live in hypocrisy.

My servants should not be servants of hypocrisy with a sponge to placate the spirit and the soul,

                                                                                                                        a sponge to mop the stains upon the heart,

                                                                                                                        a sponge to blur the black spots into grey,
                                                                                                                        a sponge called to mute the witness of a lie said to be the white of


My servants should beware of a lie of any colour.

My servants should know the origin of a lie,

                                                          the destiny of a liar,

                                                          the lie made palatable by addition of an adjective which does not bear the truth.”

Eze 19:5   'When she saw that she waited, that her hope was lost, She took another of her cubs and made him a young lion. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants have their trinkets,

My servants have their addictions,

My servants have their idols:

                                    all hidden under names affording comfort in denial of reality.”

Eze 19:6   He roved among the lions, And became a young lion; He learned to catch prey; He devoured men. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants hide behind a veneer as a mask upon a face,

                                                                               as a veil draped from a headdress:

                                                                               as righteousness is qualified,

                                                                                                                      is partitioned,

                                                                                                                      is divided,

                                                                                                                      is torn into segments of convenience.

So too does righteousness have white co-mingled with the black,

                                                            have a standard of greyness against which to match a life,

                                                            have a standard which precludes inclusion with the bride:

                                                                                                                                  when the drafting gate is used,

                                                                                                                                  when the mercy seat is covered,

                                                                                                                                  when grace has been foregone.”

Eze 19:7   He knew their desolate places, And laid waste their cities; The land with its fullness was desolated By the noise of his roaring. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants think their hearts are hidden,

                               think the behaviour they deem private stays within a closet,

                               think the shame is well and truly hidden,

                               think the consequences will not be seen as relevant,

                               think the sin is not –

                                                          when called another name.

My servants err in thinking with,

                            err in applying,

                                                   the mindset of man:

                                                              would put a cloak upon activities which are withheld from man.

My servants err in thinking such is also true with God,

                                                                                             as when before His servants with knowledge to the fore,

                                                                                             as when stood before an altar of holiness to The Lord,

                                                                                             as when before selection for His bride.”

Eze 19:8   Then the nations set against him from the provinces on every side, And spread their net over him; He was trapped in their pit. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants have no escape when repentance is foregone,

                                                                  when there is unwillingness to change,

                                                                  when addiction wins the day,

                                                                  when Satan adds to his tally a soul yet in disguise.

Foolish are My servants to ignore that which they do not wish to hear, 

                                                                            that which causes My Spirit to convict,

                                                                            that which adulterates the morality of what was once a new born sheep. 

My servants,

           more than most,

                       know the penalty for sin in all its variations.

My servants,

           more than most,

                       know to repent while it still is today.”

Eze 19:9   They put him in a cage with chains, And brought him to the king of Babylon; They brought him in nets, That his voice should no longer be heard on the mountains of Israel. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants can be removed by man,

                               can be removed by God,

                               can be removed for the benefit of My servants,

                                                                    for the benefit of My people,

                                                                    for the benefit of My place and time.

My servants can be silenced by man,

                            can be silenced by God,

                            can be silenced by themselves.

My servants who are silent may find it difficult to serve,

                                                             may find it a new experience,

                                                             may find it welcome as a habit.

My servants who are sated may find new fare difficult to stomach,

                                                             may find new fare flaring on the tongue,

                                                             may find new fare requiring a lot of grinding by the teeth prior to understanding.

My servants who are hungry attend to new fare with enthusiasm,

                                                                  approach new fare willingly with acceptance,

                                                                  note the tingle of new fare upon the lips,

                                                                  adjust the taste of recognition as new fare rests upon the tongue,

                                                                  swallow new fare with ease when My Spirit does approve,

                                                                  receive new fare willingly which feeds their spirit and their soul.”

Eze 19:10   'Your mother was like a vine in your bloodline, Planted by the waters, Fruitful and full of branches Because of many waters. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants have a birthplace of remembrance,

                               have a family with a story,

                                           a birth line of completion without a missing member.

My servants are each of their mother of the year,

                                                       the descent line of establishment,

                      the interwoven line of the birthing of new life,

                                                                   of the maturing of that life,

                                                                   of a new covenant with the loving God who walked with the forbears of the lines.

My servants are not isolated,

                             are not encapsulated,

                             are not oppressed,

                                                              by time.

My servants know time as a period of grace:

                                                            a springboard to the heavens,

                                                            a springboard to reunions,

                                                            a springboard to the activities of the ages,

                                                            a springboard to the wonders yet to be displayed before their eyes,

                                                            a springboard to understanding of the origin of the life forces inherent in the mortality of man,

                                                            a springboard which uncoils the spring time of man’s youth in the presence of His God.”

Eze 19:11   She had strong branches for sceptres of rulers. She towered in stature above the thick branches, And was seen in her height amid the dense foliage. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants know the heads of families,

                               acknowledge the heads of families,

                               care for the heads of families,

                               support the heads of families.

My servants uphold the mantle borne by the heads of families,

                                                                                     by a king in waiting,

                                                                                     by a prince of the realm of Heaven,

                                                                                     by a child of God adopted into the Household of Faith.

My servants do not vie for position,

                            do not make order of importance,

                            do not seek pre-eminence of standing.

My servants are destined as the eminences of eternity.

My servants are the glow plugs of ignition,

                                     the motors of the movement,

                                     the drivers of success,

                                     the harvesters with knowledge of the season.”

Eze 19:12   But she was plucked up in fury, She was cast down to the ground, And the east wind dried her fruit. Her strong branches were broken and withered; The fire consumed them. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants know the songs of My Spirit,

                                            the languages of heaven,

                               encounter the discourses of man.

My servants know the futility of man when reliant on his own resources,

                             know the thirst of man when he discovers a new resource,

                             know the greed of man who does not want to share,

                             know the fire of God which lingers on the horizon of man.”

Eze 19:13   And now she is planted in the wilderness, In a dry and thirsty land. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants know the aching for lost souls,

                                            where the water does not long quench the thirst,

                                            where the dust of the earth swirls within the habitations of man,

                                            where the whirlpools of the demons are at home with man,

                                            where the demons of the night greet the demons of the day,

                                            where the demons of the devil laugh and jeer at man.

My servants are charged to change the environment of man to be in favour with The God they choose to serve.”

Eze 19:14   Fire has come out from a rod of her branches And devoured her fruit, So that she has no strong branch— a sceptre for ruling.'" This is a lamentation, and has become a lamentation.

NKJV Footnotes:

      * (19:7) Septuagint reads He stood in insolence; Targum reads He destroyed its palaces; Vulgate reads He learned to make widows.

      * (19:10) Literally blood, following Masoretic Text, Syriac, and Vulgate; Septuagint reads like a flower on a pomegranate tree; Targum reads in your likeness.


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