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The Divine Commentary on The Book of Ezekiel - Ch 31 (11.11.11)

Eze 31:1   Now it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the third month, on the first day of the month, that the word of the LORD came to me, saying, 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants active in their taskings inspire one another,

                                                            like to exchange their stories,

                                                            love to honour God.

My servants in among the souls of allocation are a joy to watch, 

                                                                besmearing the eyes of angels with some tears,

                                                                besmearing the eyes of man with the tears of My Spirit,

                                       transforming a face into a radiance which speaks of divine attention,

                                                                                                                      of experiencing the promises of God,

                                                                                                                      of receiving first-hand –

                                                                                                                                  knowledge of the reality of God.”

Eze 31:2   "Son of man, say to Pharaoh king of Egypt and to his multitude: 'Whom are you like in your greatness? 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants who share in anticipation are never disappointed,

                                                                always catch the gleam of My Spirit,

                                                                always reach out in love,

                                                                                            in awareness of the enormity of the implication:

                                                                                                                                 for a successful ending of a task.

My servants sometimes have an insight into what they have been and done,

                                                                                    into the meaning,

                                                                                          the results,

                                                                                                 within the concept of eternity,

                                                                                                 within the fellowship of life,

                                                                                                         embedded in an ark they have helped construct,

                                                                                                                        set afloat with rejoicing souls,

                                                                                                                        each on the adventure of a life –

                                                                                                                                              which no longer has an end.”

Eze 31:3   Indeed Assyria was a cedar in Lebanon, With fine branches that shaded the forest, And of high stature; And its top was among the thick boughs. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants serve the arks of God,

                                         established and set free,

                                         refurnished and restored,

                                         replenished and revitalised,

                                         renewed and refreshed.

My servants love to encounter the flood tides of My Spirit,

                                                 the flood tides of the harvest,

                                                 the flood tides born through dependency on preparation,

                                                                                 through thoroughness of homework,

                                                                                 through application of the will,

                                                                                 through practice of the tongues,

                                                                                 through focus on intent.

My servants are in wonder at the ebb and flow,

                                            as the flood tide deposits and uplifts,

                                                                       baptizes and releases into My Spirit’s love –

                                                                                                                             the timid and the tearful,

                                                                                                                             the frightened and forlorn,

                                                                                                                             the committed and the careful –

                                                                   those who would seek a new beginning for their lives under a change of heart.

My servants know the flood tides of My Spirit which carry My arks each to a birthplace:

                                                                            which is high and dry yet watered by My Spirit,

                                                                            which is foreshadowed by My Spirit,

                                                                            which is a site preserved for presentation.”

Eze 31:4   The waters made it grow; Underground waters gave it height, With their rivers running around the place where it was planted, And sent out rivulets to all the trees of the field. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants dwell within the watering of My Spirit,

                       dwell within the showers of blessings,

                       dwell within My Spirit’s reign.

My servants bathe in the rivers of new life,

                      drink from the cup which quenches thirst,

                      submerge to arise under the hovering dove of God.”

Eze 31:5   'Therefore its height was exalted above all the trees of the field; Its boughs were multiplied, And its branches became long because of the abundance of water, As it sent them out. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants walk the road which leads each to their destiny,

                                                              stop to rest at each way station,

                                                                             start again their journey eager for all the day brings forth,

                                                                                                                    eager to fulfill the will of God,

                                                                                                                    eager to experience the satisfaction of their spirit and their soul.

My servants walk in firmness of approach,

                              in firmness of a welcome,

                              in firmness of the greeting of the day.”

Eze 31:6   All the birds of the heavens made their nests in its boughs; Under its branches all the beasts of the field brought forth their young; And in its shadow all great nations made their home. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants stoop to conquer at the level of a child.

My servants stoop to conquer at the bedside of the elderly.

My servants stoop to conquer before a face in anguish at their feet.

My servants stoop to conquer illness in the wizened,

                                                                the bent and the deformed.

My servants stoop to conquer the loss of height,

                                                the loss of standing,

                                                the disparity in height –

                                                          which puts one above another.”

Eze 31:7   'Thus it was beautiful in greatness and in the length of its branches, Because its roots reached to abundant waters. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants do not shudder in revulsion,

                       do not turn from a face brought for repair,

                       do neither cringe before a temple in the making nor a temple of the living God.

My servants pray for all who present before them:

                                                        that each may receive their crown of life –

                                                                                                                of honour,

                                                                                                                of the rejoicing of a spirit,

                                                                                                                of the influx of My Spirit,

                                                                                                                of the attentiveness of a soul.”

Eze 31:8   The cedars in the garden of God could not hide it; The fir trees were not like its boughs, And the chestnut trees were not like its branches; No tree in the garden of God was like it in beauty. 

Divine Commentary –

“My servants are attentive to the faith expressed,

                                           to the needs made known,

                                           to the cure applied.

My servants know when to counsel,

                               when to request compliance,

                               when to make known the will of God declared.

My servants know the delight of silence,

                     know when to leave the rest to God,

                     know when to release and so move on.”

Eze 31:9   I made it beautiful with a multitude of branches, So that all the trees of Eden envied it, That were in the garden of God.' 

Eze 31:10   "Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: 'Because you have increased in height, and it set its top among the thick boughs, and its heart was lifted up in its height, 

Eze 31:11   'therefore I will deliver it into the hand of the mighty one of the nations, and he shall surely deal with it; I have driven it out for its wickedness. 

Eze 31:12   'And aliens, the most terrible of the nations, have cut it down and left it; its branches have fallen on the mountains and in all the valleys; its boughs lie broken by all the rivers of the land; and all the peoples of the earth have gone from under its shadow and left it. 

Eze 31:13   'On its ruin will remain all the birds of the heavens, And all the beasts of the field will come to its branches— 

Eze 31:14   'So that no trees by the waters may ever again exalt themselves for their height, nor set their tops among the thick boughs, that no tree which drinks water may ever be high enough to reach up to them. 'For they have all been delivered to death, To the depths of the earth, Among the children of men who go down to the Pit.' 

Eze 31:15   "Thus says the Lord GOD: 'In the day when it went down to hell, I caused mourning. I covered the deep because of it. I restrained its rivers, and the great waters were held back. I caused Lebanon to mourn for it, and all the trees of the field wilted because of it. 

Eze 31:16   'I made the nations shake at the sound of its fall, when I cast it down to hell together with those who descend into the Pit; and all the trees of Eden, the choice and best of Lebanon, all that drink water, were comforted in the depths of the earth. 

Eze 31:17   'They also went down to hell with it, with those slain by the sword; and those who were its strong arm dwelt in its shadows among the nations. 

Eze 31:18   'To which of the trees in Eden will you then be likened in glory and greatness? Yet you shall be brought down with the trees of Eden to the depths of the earth; you shall lie in the midst of the uncircumcised, with those slain by the sword. This is Pharaoh and all his multitude,' says the Lord GOD."

NKJV Footnotes:

        * (31:8) Hebrew armon


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