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The Altar of The Lamb (28.6.10)

“The altar of The Lamb is the shewbread of The Lord,

                                       has no curtain to exclude,

                                       may be approached within the fear of God.

The altar of The Lamb portrays the cross of brokenness,

                                                   the cross which broke the impasse of the centuries,

                                                   the cross which broke the reticence of man,

                                                   the cross which broke the barrier of reconciliation.

The altar of The Lamb beckons to the penitent,

                                     looks to the remorseful,

                                     welcomes the approach of those with an entry in the book of life.

The altar of The Lamb is no longer a place of sin:

                                                              the sin left on the cross -

                                                                     which named the cross of brokenness -

                                                              was broken on the cross.

            The sin of man must not approach the seat of holiness -

                                      must not bring sin unto the altar of The Lamb.

            The cross of brokenness became the cross of victory,

                                                    is now the cross of capitulation where man surrendered all.

            When man surrenders all,

                             man meets the cross of grace -

                     waiting with extended wings for the acceptance of an offer:

                                       an offer wherein the recompense for the sin of man has been fully paid by The Father of Creation.

The cross of grace is as a beacon on a hill,

                              is as a symbol of man’s redemption,

                              is as an affirmation of reconciliation from The God of Love.

The cross of grace welcomes all across the threshold of repentance,

                              welcomes all with an active spirit,

                              welcomes all with a capitulating soul.

The cross of grace is not secured behind a bolted door,

                              cannot be accessed by a show of wealth,

                                                             by a show of force,

                                                             by a show of petulance.

The cross of grace approaches the contrite heart with the offer of the handclasp of eternity.

The altar of The Lamb knows all who kneel before the cross of grace,

                                     invites them to become a bride,

                                     invites them to meet the groom,

                                     invites them to prepare to gather before The altar of The Lamb where the nuptials will begin.”


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