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The Drumbeat of The Tree (10.6.10)

“The sickness of man is as a result of the diet of man, 

                                    is as a result of  the atmosphere of man, 

                                    is as a result of the environment of man, 

                                    is as a result of the clothing of man, 

                                    is as a result of the care of man, 

                                    is as a result of the habitation of man.

The sickness of man needs a facelift for his body, 

                                            a facelift of his dwelling place, 

                                            a facelift to relationship, 

                                            a facelift on his acts of agency, 

                                            a facelift at his speech, 

                                            a facelift in the secrets of his heart.  

The sickness of man speaks of the need of facelifts for his health.

The body of man when catered to in excess, 

                             when suffering deprivation, 

                 longs for the middle ground with which man is familiar, 

                                           where man would seek to be, 

                                           where man would likely seek a harbour on a foreshore that repels. 

The body of man is subject to the laws of man, 

                                            to the laws inherent in mortality, 

                                            to the laws implicit in all life.

The soul of man is sickened by the foe of man. 

The spirit of man is sickened by the senses of man when in a mode of enforcement. 

The soul of man, 

 the spirit of man, 

             encounter laws on the record of a higher plane, 

             encounter laws that have been repealed by a drumbeat on a tree.

A drumbeat which was stilled. 

A drumbeat which recommenced. 

A drumbeat which beats a message down the centuries.

A drumbeat of significance which would heat the soul, 

                                             which would enlist the spirit, 

                                     which marks time for all who would be drawn to a journey home.

Who but man should reach out for?

Who but man should touch? 

Who but man should inspect - 

                                            the message from the tree on which the drumbeat sounded - 

                                                   for such a time as this - 

                                                         by a drummer of renown?”


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