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The Earthquakes of Man (7.3.11)

“The earthquakes of man cause man to lose his footing, 

                                          cause man to lose his home, 

                                          cause fluctuations in his well-being.

The earthquakes of man adjust his equilibrium, 

                                        adjust his sense of security, 

                                        adjust his need for help. 

The earthquakes of man signify a reconsideration, 

                                        signify a recall of the past, 

                                        signify a new revision. 

The earthquakes of man shake the environment of man, 

                                                  the land on which he lives, 

                                                  the homes in which he dwells, 

                                                  the apparatuses attached to his life. 

The earthquakes of man bring a change of location, 

                                        bring a re-positioning, 

                                        bring a new focus to a life, 

                                        bring a relationship with God.

The earthquakes of man usher in a perspective from on high, 

                                                     a perspective of achievement, 

                                                     a perspective of re-evaluation, 

                                                     a perspective of each life of worth. 

The earthquakes of man simmer in the background, 

                                        become loaded with great stress, 

                                        heave a sigh of relief with the passing of the yield point – 

                                                                                  when necking no longer meets the need, 

                                        shrug while squirming as they again seek comfort in the bedding of the Earth.

A coming release of tension is known to birds, 

                                              is known to animals, 

                                              is known to the inhabitants of the sea, 

                                              is available to man to know – 

                                                                 to act thereon as do the others.

The sixth sense of man carries the knowledge of the survival of man, 

                                                                              the prior warning – 

                                                                                      with confirmation – 

                                                                                                 which calls for action, 

                                                  the rejection of procrastination with the urgency of the day.

The sixth sense of man needs to be attuned, 

                                      needs to be focussed, 

                                      needs to be brought to the fore, 

                                      needs a pathway of clarity for when the clarion call is sounded.

The clarion call is sounded by The Holy Spirit to the spirit of man: 

                                                            as the spirit hears the knocking on the door – 

                                                                                         the calling of the name; 

                                                            as the spirit sees a vision in the night. 

So there are many means by which The God of Love seeks the attention of man.

The counsel of The Holy Spirit is available to all who would know The God of love. 

         The counsel of The Spirit comes with the gifts of The Spirit – 

                                                       with the coming of My Spirit to man. 

         The coming of My Spirit brings the gift of tongues to man – 

                     the two-way lifeline of communication between the spirit of man and 

                                                                                                 The Holy Spirit of God.

The gift of tongues brings the impartation to, 

                                           the edification of, 

                                                      man with the knowledge and the wisdom of God.

The gift of tongues knocks upon the doors of My churches throughout the nations, 

                                                                                                     the peoples, 

                                                                                                     the tongues of the Earth: 

                                     to introduce the angel of unity – 

                                                                         of unity in outlook, 

                                                                         of unity in belief, 

                                                                         of unison in communication as My Spirit speaks, 

                                                                         of unison at the wedding of the bride.

So the tongues of man will utter in unity the tongues of My Spirit, 

so the tongues of man will utter in unison the tongue of My Spirit – 

                                                                                   on the order of the day.

The gift of tongues is the secret of Paul’s ministry: 

                                   the secret of his revelations, 

                                                    the recipe for his righteousness, 

                                                    the basis of his understandings, 

                                                    the actions behind his call, 

                                                    his walk of holiness with God, 

                                                    his means of avoiding downfalls, 

                                            to his not being caught up with the tribulations of men.

Let those without the prejudice of satanic briefs unplug their ears to hear, 

                                                                     descale their eyes to behold, 

                                                          unzip their mouths in order to proclaim the wonders of their God of love within a perfect prayer.

For the tongue of My Spirit is a wonder to behold, 

                                             is a wonder as a sign of God, 

                                             is the incorruptible access to the throne room of God.

For the tongue of The Holy Spirit impacts the life of man, 

                                                       breaks addiction, 

                                                       breaks dependancy, 

                                                       uplifts the spirit of man, 

                                                       confirms the presence of The God of Love, 

                                                       frees man from the demons which would beset his life.

For the tongue of The Spirit of The Lord works actively within a life, 

                                                                  revels in an invitation, 

                                                                  fortifies the defences of the body, 

                                                                  nourishes with milk before offering the meat,

                                                                  oversees the growth and development of the spirit of man, 

                                                                  brings a testimony of God to the lips of man, 

                                                                  encourages exploration of the capabilities of the tongues of heaven.

For verily, 

         this is the truth of God declared. 

For verily, 

         this is the truth so stated for the benefitting of man. 

For verily,

          the truth brings the light of God into the spirit of man with the lighting of the candle within a soul.

Woe to those who deny the gift of tongues to the body – 

                                                                   of all who would believe. 

Woe to those who decry the gift of tongues with the bending, 

                                                                   the distorting, 

                                                     of the word of God which stands before a lifetime, 

                                                                                                 in a lifetime, 

                                                                                             after a lifetime. 

Woe to those who will not permit associations within the flock of God, 

                                yet attempt to stand in leadership as they misdirect the flock of God.

For such as them are to be drafted with the goats: 

                                as they minister from their own lips in confirmation of the presence, 

                                                                                                the existence, 

                                                                                                the being of a tare.

The acquisitiveness of man affects his judgement of what is, 

                                             affects his judgement of what is to be, 

                                             affects his evaluation of what has gone before.

The acquisitiveness of man will not release when it should, 

                                             will not forsake when it is wise, 

                                             will not abandon for the counsel despite the evidence before him.

The acquisitiveness of man is not served by a grip which clenches, 

                                                                                 which cannot be prised open, 

                                                                                 which will not heed the warnings until it is too late, 

                                                                                 which stays until the curtain fall, 

                                                                                 which brings the emptying with the outage of the lights.


    The Lord, 

         speak to man this day – 

                              let those who fear, 

                                             who dread, 

                                             who are unprepared for earthquakes in their lives, 


                                     receive and utter in delight, 

                                           the free gift of My Holy Spirit: 

                                                    so to share in all He has to offer man in this time of grace. 

                                           For such as they will receive the confirmation of their God of love.

                              Let those who know not the tongue of My Spirit forthwith be enabled, 

                                                    so they may abound in the fullness of the blessings of God.  

                                           For such as they will receive the confirmation of their God of love.

                              Let those who know the tongue of My Spirit, 

                                      yet still hunger for the fullness, 

                                           be willing: 

                                                    to ask for; 

                                                    to accept; 

                                                    to practise; 

                                                    to be prepared for wonders; 

    as the giftings of the tongues of heaven convey the wisdom with the knowledge for each spirit – 

                                                                                             to so anoint a soul within a life to stand before My throne.”


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