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My Letter Especially to You. Yes, to YOU! (6.9.12)

“Do you know I live for ever,

   do you know I care for you,

   do you know I’d like to take you with Me –

                                      to places you have never seen –

                                      to the places here on earth;

                                      to the centres among the heavens?

Do you know that I love you very much – 

              even though you may have never met Me?

              Even though you may have thought I did not exist:

                                          may have listened to the rumour mill to draw your own conclusions?

Do you know Me in relationship,

                                          or via a ship of state?

Do you seek Me so to find Me,

                                          or turn away despaired?

Are you too busy to discuss your being of existence?

        Would you like to choose your destination?

              Or follow with the crowd that cares not where its going?

Are you a good listener who would love to hear the truth?

              Or one who carries on with life and knows not where it ends?

Do you know I knew your spirit long before your birth?

Do you know I knew your grandparents when things were that much simpler and love was to the fore?

Do you know I walked with Abraham and have watched the nations grow?

Do you know I am alive and well and remember all which has been written down?

Do you know I would seek your hand to hold it high in victory,

                                                     to take you on a journey,

                                                     to disciple you in truth,

                                                             to lead you home to become a child of God within My family?

For My sheep know The Good Shepherd and listen to My voice,

                       can know the wonder of discovery and find great joy within the journey home,

                       can come to know great faith and to receive the gifts of God.

For My sheep are each in possession of a temple in which My Spirit dwells.

      I love you with all My heart.

            In deed I do!

                 Invite Me.

                       Learn of Me.

                            And I will stay with you if wanted.

                                   Agapé for ever,



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