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16. What is a Heavenly Existence Like?

The Welcome of The Centuries (28.7.12)

awaits man in faith upon the sounding of the trumpet; speaks of much preparation, speaks of every thing in place, speaks of sin relegated to the outfield far from any influence on the field of glory; sees the fruit of ...

A Love Note to My Children (11.8.12)

is as a song birthed and freed within the stars of God, is a song committed between hearts, is a song which only those with love can sing, is a song of goodness sent to smiling hearts in tune, is a song within a song...

To The Victor Goes The Prize (21.10.12)

to he who perseveres until the new beginning; to he who validates his commitment with the goal in mind; to he who receives his garland from the race; to he who exchanges it for a golden crown, can reflect with ...

The Template for The Future (29.3.13)

knows more than man thinks, is fully conversant with…, is satisfied of the sufficiency for the day, is primed to handle all which is encountered, is confident that justice will prevail, that replevins will be addressed, …

The Wonderment of Eternity (8.10.13)

is a joy unto itself, is a feast for the eyes, is a symphony for the ears, is a dwelling place fit for the stars of God, displays the works of God in their entirety: in their presentation of uniqueness, in their designs of ...

The Garden of Peace and Tranquility (18.12.13)

is not to be found upon the earth before the end of time; cannot exist in the presence of unrighteousness, cannot exist while subject to invasion by those for whom holiness is unknown, cannot exist while blasph...

The Protocols of Heaven (28.12.13)

are the rules of engagement, are the instruments of impressions, are the means of expectations; are the governors of relationships, are the principles to be followed, are the mindsets of introductions, are the ...

The Threshold of Existence (28.2.14)

carries splendour and majesty, carries beauty and perspective, carries harmony and unity; extends an olive branch in memory, extends an opened door in welcome, extends the soundings from surroundings which ...

The Inheritance of Christ (7.3.14)

accrues from The Father, accrues from His (Christ's) creation, accrues from The God of Abraham, accrues from The Patriarchs, accrues from The Land of Israel, accrues from the prophetic word as written. ...


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