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The Protocols of Heaven (28.12.13)

“The protocols of Heaven are the rules of engagement,

                                          are the instruments of impressions,

                                          are the means of expectations.

The protocols of Heaven are the governors of relationships,

                                        are the principles to be followed,

                                        are the mindsets of introductions,

                                        are the sureties of standards,

                                        are the safeguards on behaviour,

                                        are the benchmarks established for the transparency of justice.

The protocols of Heaven guide and direct,

                                         teach and instruct,

                                         entrust and uphold:

                                                      upon the encountering of the edifice of God.

The protocols of Heaven are guarded and sustained,

                                         are kept and honoured,

                                         are trusted and maintained.

The protocols of Heaven are stated and proclaimed,

                                         are definitive and trustworthy,

                                         give credence to The Godly Presence,

                                         empower majesty and bearing into the souls of all the kings and queens.

The protocols of Heaven bring feasibility and practicality into the love of God,

                                                                                             into the love of royalty,

                                                                                             into the love on earth.

The protocols of Heaven bring the essence of the being of the angels into the progression from mortality into eternity; 

                                         ensure the holding of the hands:

                                                    the sharing and the fellowship;

                                                    the introductions to what may be initially seen as strange and unfamiliar;

                                                    the understanding of the permanence of the structures –

                                                            those greeting the senses of man for his well-being in the presence of his God.

The protocols of Heaven always accompany the soul of man within eternity,

                                         always are relative to the existence of man,

                                         always carry the will of God.

The protocols of Heaven are embedded in existence,

                                         have awareness to the fore,

                                         have obedience dependent on freewill,

                                         are fractured to the detriment of man.

The protocols of Heaven are impressive to the thoughtful,

                                        are honoured by the wise.

The protocols of Heaven emphasize the honouring of the two commandments of The Lord.

The protocols of Heaven interact with man in his mortality;

                                         interact with man in his immortality,

                                         enact both Heaven and the Earth within the eternal will of God.”


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