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The Template for The Future (29.3.13)

“The template for the future is a document which looks into the future of man in detail with the purpose of disclosure.

The template for the future emphasizes the importance of his turning points in life,

                                                                                         of his actions within his freewill agency,

                                                                                         of his invited companionship with God,

                                                                                         of his selecting a destiny worthy of man,

                                                                                         of his becoming of age in the practising of the gifts of God,

                                                                                         of his need for attaining fluency in the tongues of My Spirit,

                                                                                         of his sealing a permanent relationship with God as introduced upon The Cross of Jesus.

The template for the future portrays a lifestyle for the stars of God,

                                            portrays a lifestyle for the friends of Satan:

                                                      for there are neither fence sitters in the garden of God who know not faith,

                                                                          nor toe warmers in hell who do not first test the temperature.

The template for the future is where commitment is ascribed to one and all as each heart dictates,

                                                                                            as actions have so sought to stand in confirmation,

                                                                                                                                   creating the decrees of intent –

                                                                                                                        the yardsticks of the soul.

The template for the future reads the yardsticks of the soul of man,

                                            watches the progression one way or the other,

                                            ensures the integrity of the record so written in the service of eternity.

The template for the future is driven by the freewill agency of man,

                                            does not miss a step in either direction,

                                            neither restores nor erases without an angel being present.

The template for the future validates the past when called to present the future as the present,

                                            validates the present as the future within each new environment where man shall be and is.

The template for the future qualifies and enhances,

                                            qualifies and discards,

                                            transfers very quickly in line with the decision,

                                            sequesters those who have not sought and chosen to ignore,

                                            liberates those prepared to fly and to so truly soar.

The template for the future cannot be adjusted in the absence of time,

                                            is determined in the presence of Grace,

                                            has ramifications stretching into eternity.

The template for the future knows the time of preparation,

                                            knows the time of evaluation,

                                            knows the time of synchronization,

                                            knows the time of repudiation,

                                            knows the time of declaration,

                                            knows the time of temptation,

                                            knows the time of acceleration.

The template for the future knows more than man thinks,

                                            is fully conversant with all within the mantle,

                                            is satisfied of the sufficiency for the day,

                                            is primed to handle all which is encountered,

                                            is confident that justice will prevail,

                                                                that replevins will be addressed,

                                                                that the appeals of man when in mortality will be resolved in truth.

The template for the future speaks of the activities of God,

                                                        of the judgement of man,

                                                        of an evaluation resulting in distress,

                                                        of fulfilment of a promise of inheritance with happiness to the fore,

                                                        of being in the presence of God,

                                                        of being in the absence of God,

                                                        of the being of man decided by his own freewill.”

Scribal Note:  Replevin: a procedure whereby seized goods may be provisionally restored to their owner pending the outcome of an action to determine the rights of the parties concerned.


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