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14. Carried by The Cross

The Belief of Man in His Loving God (4.8.10)

should not be a matter of conjecture in his mind, should not be a matter of controversy between assemblies of The Lord, should not be proclaimed from within a mindset of self-righteousness; defines his faith, his ...

The Lamb's Book of Life (22.9.10)

exists for all eternity, existed in the time of law, exists in the time of grace; is the master index for each name, records when a name is written, records when a name comes up for help, records when the new ...

This Day (25.9.10)

This day, I, The Lord Jesus, The Light of The World, The Sender of The Holy Spirit, The Doer of The Father’s Will, bring a message of import to the domiciles of man - to all who live therein, to all who hunger for kno...

The Activities of God (27.9.10)

Variable are the ways of God in application of His will to man in his mortality. Consistent are the edicts of God in what, in when, in why, in how, the attributes of God are displayed to man in his mortality. Constan...

The Encounter at The Cross (14.11.10)

I, The Lord, would speak to all those who read My word this day, all who intend someday to know me, all who have heard My name issue as profanity from the lips of man, all who have heard of Me in discussions ...

The Fulfilment of The Cross (21.11.10)

“I, The Lord, would speak to man this day, that he may be certain of his stance, that he may have confidence in his belief, that he may know within his heart all that which he has found. I, The Lord, would say to man ...

The Footfalls of Man (7.12.10)

are not made with care, are not with prior examination of the earth on which his footsteps fall, are not as a result of knowledge in effect, are not as a sign of wisdom being practised; leave the imprint of the body, ...

The Watchtowers of The Saints of God (10.12.11)

are awake to unauthorised intrusions, are prepared to repel the boarders, are capable of the clearing of the foe, have the armour for defiance, of support, which deflects, know the power of God, support of God, wo…

The Gratitude of Man (14.12.11)

Gratitude is not easily instilled in man, is often not expressed by man, is often not found within a culture, is often not encouraged by the parents, is often not heard within a family, is often not mentioned in a prayer ..


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