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The English (Saxon) Gold of Significance (3 of 6) (13.8.10)

“The English gold of ages has risen into the view of man.

The English gold of ages has been uplifted by man,

                                         has been uplifted when directed,

                                         has been uplifted where detected,

                                         has been uplifted with a prayer.

The English gold of ages has been hidden from the eyes of man, 

                                             so it may be seen for what it was and is,

                                             so it may bear witness of the finery of those passing years,

                                             so it may now claim its right to stand within the glow of history.

The English gold of ages was not seen by those who had few rights,

                                                              by those who cut the peat,

                                                              by those who prepared the meals,

                                                              by those who dared not stare at a scowl upon a face.

The English gold of ages surfaced according to the schedule,

                                         surfaced in agreement of its keeping,

                                         surfaced for assessment of its attributes.

The English gold of ages surfaced for this time:

                                                                when it could be found,

                                                                when man would control his greed,

                                                                when it would thread a needle into the time-sheets of the past -

                                      the time-sheets of the past which had recorded the cycle of intrigue.

The cycle of intrigue came to a sudden end when the plotters with royal connections heard of a royal decree -

                  a decree which would not countenance the planning of the plotters.

                                   So the sulking relatives tried to hide their scheme.

                                   So the poison plot was banished from the supper of the dowager.

                                   So the provenance of her innocence was widely acclaimed.

Just the space of seven years saw her fortunes change,

                                   how she became a lady of the land who graced her husband’s hand.

Her husband was a gentle man who now had no cause for fears,

                                   so the coming of their firstborn child brought floods of joyous tears.

He survived well into his fifties to become a man of means:

                                                                     a man who knew wise counsel;

                                                                     a man who dispensed wise counsel;

                                                                     a man who did continue the bloodline of the widow of the wielder of the sword.

The widow of the wielder,

           the dowager,

                          the lady of the land,

                                     lived to see her grandchildren playing on the lawn;

                                     lived to see her grandchildren visiting their cousins;

             lived to see her grandchildren learning the warcraft of and for survival plus the handcrafts of the day;

                                     lived to see her grandchildren gathered at her side -

                                                        as she recounted the fullness of her heritage:

                                     so to instill such in the hearts of those she had come to know and love.

Such as these were present,

                                were joined together in My church within the shores of England.

Such as these heard Latin,

                           spoke Latin as they needed,

                                         learnt of My message of good news:

          good news which had been brought from a Roman Emperor dwelling on a distant shore.

For the lady of the land had seen,

                                       had touched,

                                       had prayed before,

                                       had prayed beside,

                                       had shed her tears upon,


                                           in deed,

                                                  prayed over:

                                          the golden cross of glory -

                                                 when it held its honour of significance in her latter days of youth.

The uncle of the gold,

          the goldsmith of disgrace,

                    escaped across the channel with just his suit of clothes.

          He did not contact his wider family,

           he did not try to make amends.

          He vanished into history after but a moment -

                                                     when the searchlight on his soul brought his character to light.

                      The whereabouts of his grave was never known to those in England.

The uncle of the gold was not to hear again the memories of his childhood -

                                                                           the howling of the wolves,

                                                                           the grunting of the bears -

                                                                     within the English woods.

There were reports of golden articles,

                     some of which appeared to match those which disappeared at the time of robbery,

                                             in use within the Germanic tribe of the distant saxon lands.

          The reports were never verified.

          The workings of the gold were not to come before the eyes of those who had a claim.

So the gold of God travels from the hand to hand of man.

So the eternal gold of God survives the lives of man.

So the gold of God testifies:

                        of the measure of a heart,

                        of the treasure of a heart -

                                                       within the mortality of man’s foolish claim to sovereignty -

                                           over what should be held in trust.”


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