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In Love (12.10.08)


      The Lord,

           love My people,


                 no exceptions on any basis.

           I love them each individually.

I know each by name.

I know their strengths and their weaknesses as they each walk their path on earth.

I know both their loves and their hates –

                 the choices they either select or reject.

In love,

      man was created for an eternal destiny in the presence of his God.

In love,

      man is bestowed a gift of agency –

                                  a gift of freedom to act according to his will –

                                           to choose and not be forced,

                                                   without appeal,

                                           to a fate he would not want.

In love,

       man is not left alone;

                       for I have unlocked the door.

In love,

      I have sent a comforter to counsel and advise and within the guidelines of His leading the way is ascertained.

In love,

      I have ensured the cross has sanctified and man is free to choose.

In love,

      I have assured all those who call to Me will not be left within the grave of man.

In love,

      in truth,

            in glory, 

                        lies the destiny of man –

                              for that he was created by his God –

                                   so he may dwell for ever in surroundings fit for kings –

                                   so he may be welcomed home at the end of his mortality –

                                   so he may see and live and witness what a loving God has planned.”


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