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New Life (3.2.11)

“The well-spring of life is for the benefit of man,

                                       enables visions to be fulfilled,

                                       calls for the carrying of arms,

                                       searches for the dying to self.

The well-spring of life circumvents the clone,

                                     does not trouble the physician,

                                     is inherent in the womb,

                                     secretes the need for life.

The well-spring of life soars into existence,

                                     continues until abatement,

                                     guards the chains of childhood,

                                     furnishes the cherished rooms.

The well-spring of life circles in the midst of time,

                                     knows each cycle from the next,

                                     does not echo in the emptiness,

                                     repeats the generation of new life.

New life is the blessing of the parents,

               attaches value to the effort,

               provides a purpose to the season,

               seeks growth as the stimulant of love.

New life is not a toy within the cradle,

               is not a punching ball for fists,

               is not a slapping ground for hands of stress,

               is not the enemy of man.

New life is the miracle of creation,

               is the wonder of the firmament,

               is the saviour of the family,

               is the adhesive which completes the bond.

New life is not for handling at the trading post,

               is not for dumping in a bag,

               is not for hate-filled eyes,

               is not to be a by-product of fornication.

New life succours at the breast,

               senses the security in enfolding arms,

               signals all its needs,

               offers so much in return.

New life exercises both day and night,

               rests after exertion,

               appreciates a smile,

               returns like for like.

New life is an extension,

               is a present from The Lord of life,

               is a gift so carefully wrapped,

               is an addition to inventory which should not be lost.

New life is not for ordering from a catalogue,

               is not for inspection or rejection,

               is not to be limited as to ability,

               is always to be clothed and fed.

New life is at the core of happiness,

               is the fulfilment of a dream,

               is the attachment of a ribbon,

               is the preserving of an image.

New life sanctifies a marriage,

               is the target of response,

               is the victory of restraint,

               is the summit of perfection.

New life is not to be bound upon receipt,

               is not to be a victim of enslavement,

               is not to be sold or purchased at the fair,

               is not to be pawned into the care of others.

New life has a right to life,

               has a being of existence,

               is not to be shattered as a vase upon the floor,

               is not to be consigned as trash.

New life seeks to establish a rapport,

               seeks to assert position,

               seeks to carve out a niche for life,

               seeks to honour the birthplace of the loved.

New life is not as a tangled mass of string,

               is not a mixture stirred from chance,

               is not a happening within a vial of glass,

               is not an entity looking for a home.

New life is not for storing from components,

               is not for selection after sorting,

               is not for culling of a defect,

               is not for the registering of availability.

New life is guided and directed,

               is supervised and trained,

               is taught and corrected,

               is encouraged and rebuked.

New life has components unknown to the laboratories of man:

                  for can man create a spirit,

                        can man create a soul,

                        can man create a character on which the world can write?

Can man construct a tear upon a face,

               put a message in a smile,

               put a breath within a construct,

               design and build a body of delight?

Man tinkers with his hands,

         man jingles with his pockets,

                man vibrates with exasperation,

                        man seethes with pride in coveting and gaining high esteem.

Man tries to scratch and peck in emulation at that which is protected as a mystery of God.”


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