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The Healing of A Child (5.3.14)

“The healing of a child is the blessing of delight,

                                      is the blessing of being upon a knee,

                                      is the blessing which testifies into the future,

                                      is the blessing which affirms the faith of a child,

                                                                                     the faith full and running over,

                                                                                     the faith of full commitment,

                                                                                     the faith which towers down on the rest,

                                                                                     the faith which moves the mountains,

                                                                                     the faith not marred by unbelief,

                                                             the faith which moves in bringing to pass the desires of such a heart.

The healing of a child is not a metronome in action,

                                    is not a tick-tock on a wall,

                                    is to be ministered by My servants with care and understanding,

                                             where they do not set eyes upon a measurer of time,

                                             where they consider in depth what a word of knowledge so declares,

                                             where they attend to their tasking with wisdom served through thoroughness,

                                             where they continue until My Spirit affirms completion,

                                             where they are sheltered from the interruptions of man.

The healing of a child is orderly without imparting fear,

                                     is sacred without touching on the secular,

                                     is spiritual without calling on the worldly.

The healing of a child restores the health of a child:

                                    ensures the organs are behaving as intended;

                                    validates the senses of the child for sensitivity to receiving and emitting;

                                    examines the appearance of the child that no item begs attention;

                                    notes the presence of structural defects needing realignment of the bones –

                                                   to change the crippled and the damaged presentations of the flesh upon the skeleton;

                                    deals with the curses of disease,

                                                                      of sickness,

                                                                      of allergies,

                                                                      of inheritance,

                                                   from generations of the past –

                                                                 as My servants,

                                                                               in obedience,

                                                                                          proclaim the word of God.

The healing of a child removes the deepest of concern from the heart of God;

                                    voids the sideways glance of sympathy,

                                    prevents the lengthy stare,

                                    stops the awkward questions,

                                    makes obsolete the contraptions of man;

                                    blesses the troubled parents who have been seeking a solution –

                                                                                                                           which excludes the need for money.

The healing of a child puts smiles upon the faces,

                                    puts hugs upon the chests,

                                    brings rejoicing to the hearts,

                                    creates testimonies of wonders and of miracles:

                                    presents those who love and cherish before The God who hears;

                                                                                               before The God who heals,

                                                                           before The God who changes the world in which a child must dwell,

                                                                                               before the God –

                                                                                                                 in gratitude and in giving thanks –

                                                                                                          for how He changes the situation of a child,

                                                                                                                                                    of a family,

                                                                                        between the dawning and the dusk of the day set for a divine appointment.

The healing of a child speaks to the heart of God,

                                    speaks of a future set free from the curses,

                                    speaks of a future set for progress with the removal of the stumbling blocks –

                                                        those which would hinder and forestall the body soul and spirit –

                                                                  in the quest for companionship in the walk of life.

The healing of a child celebrates with the giftings of My Spirit to adorn a temple of The Risen Lord.

The healing of a child should witness the end times gift of tongues as a gifting promised by The Father.*

The healing of a child witnesses the rewards of the faith of innocence,

                                                                             the presenting of the reality of The Living God,

                                                                             the upholding of the spoken word declared by My servants,

                                                                             the prospect of abounding grace within a life,

                                                                             the changing of darkness into light,

                                                     the follow-on of the retelling of the testimonies to those who remain in need.

The healing of a child banishes despair,

                                    banishes pain,

                                    banishes a search for victory,

                                    banishes the effort and the tears,

                                    banishes the anxiety and the problems,

                                    banishes the battles and the war.

The healing of a child banishes the demonic influences from their scene of misery:

                                    banishes the defeated and the heartless,

                                    banishes the hate filled with the occupiers,

                                    banishes the stronghold from existence with the evaporation of the causes.

The healing of a child is a joy to behold,

                                    removes the burdens,

                                    installs the blessings,

                                    carries the signature of The Loving God.”

Scribal Note: * The Bible, NKJV, Joel 2:28-29


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