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The Loving of A Child (4.3.14)

“The loving of a child is a sacrifice of self,

                                        a sacrifice of time,

                                        a sacrifice of wealth,

                                        a sacrifice where emotions are at stake.

The loving of a child has overtures of care,

                                   has overtures of teaching,

                                   has overtures of training,

                                   has overtures of correction,

                                   has overtures of nourishment,

                                   has overtures of shelter,

                                                         of clothing,

                                                         of growth –

                                               in the domain of mortality,

                                               in the domain of the spiritual.

The loving of a child involves respect and honouring,

                                   involves nursing and cleansing,

                                   involves sickness and health,

                                   involves playing and working,

                                   involves quiet times and the rowdy,

                                   involves the boisterous and the gentle,

                                   involves reading and acquiring, 

                                   involves questioning and answers:

                                   involves supplying content for writing on a memory chip preparing to service life.

The loving of a child brings participation with commitment:

                                   calls on patience,

                                   calls on long-suffering,

                                   calls on interruptions,

                                   calls on the submitting of the meals,

                                   calls on resources in a home,

                                   calls on emphasis of the sacred trust which delivers the blessings from divinity.

The loving of a child serves up a time of achievement,

                                   serves up a time of pride,

                                   serves up a time of boasting of the wonder of a child.

The loving of a child shares emotions hard to understand,

                                   shares feelings to do with the value put on life,

                                   shares times when counselling has an attentive ear,

                                   shares wisdom on the handling of wealth,

                                                            on its acquisition,

                                                            on its disposition,

                                                            on its disposal.

The loving of a child knows the value of a chaperone,

                                              the protection from intrusion,

                                              the mixing of the sacred with the secular,

                                              the temptations approaching with the onset of maturity,

                                                                                    with the onset of the questioning of self,

                                                                                    with the onset of demanding answers from the experienced and wise.

The loving of a child requires protection from initial storms,

                                                                  from trialling which can render damage,

                                                                  from the assertion of freewill,

                                                                  from repercussions still unknown and not considered,
                                                                  from the impact of the peers where pressure is applied to meet conformity by day and by


The loving of a child is beset by disappointments:

                                   should not encourage lies;

                                   should have perception so truth is distinguished from the falsehood;

                                                                         so vanity is not befriended by pride;

                                                                         so woundings of concern are not permitted to impact on faith where healing is

                                                                         so self-worth and righteousness are embedded in a character busied with formation.

The loving of a child prepares an appreciation of the stepping stones of life,

                                                                               the turning points of life,

                                   instils a first hand knowledge of The Loving God,

                                   instils a willingness to listen to wise counsel,

                                   instils the basis of a personal relationship with God –

                                                                                       set to last a lifetime and on into eternity,

                                   instils the fundamentals of morality which form the stepping stones to faith.

The loving of a child supervises the growth of a testimony which silences ridicule,

                                   sets a glowing face upon a framework built by God,

                                   speaks of the wonder of a walk with God,

                                                                      of the promises in store,

                                                                      of the reality of a future in eternity within the loving destiny of choice.

The loving of a child watches and guides,

                                   offers inspiration and acceptance,

                                   encourages investigation where experiments are kept within the bounds as set by God,

                                   encourages the application of freewill as it contributes to a character of integrity:

                                                                  that which will withstand temptation seen to be without validity or worth.

The loving of a child creates a bond across the generations,

                                   creates respect and honour on a two-way street,

                                   creates a lifetime of fulfilment,

                                   creates the reason for a life.

The loving of a child is an expression of the character of God,

                                   is an expression of the being implanted in the heart of man,

                                   is an expression of the future at the point of origin,

                                   is an expression which carries its own blessings into the maturity of each.

The loving of a child seems simple yet demands involvement,

                                   seems simple yet demands discipline,

                                   seems simple yet carries responsibility,

                                   seems simple yet calls for agapé love,

                                   seems simple yet needs the tenderness of grace,

                                   seems simple yet seeks the counselling of God.

The loving of a child shares in the love of God,

                                   shares in His blessings and His gifts,

                                   shares in His resources and His welcome participation:

                                                                             as He adopts each child into the family of God.

The loving of a child comforts the arms which bear a child back into the presence of The Living God –

                                            where recognition of the spirit by The Spirit remains a source of wonder and delight.

The loving of a child continues in mortality while the arms of support know the breath of God;

                                   continues in eternity at a reunion arranged by God;

                                   continues in the being of His family prepared within mortality:

                                                                      for ever and for ever and for ever as resulting from His grace.


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