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The Variety of Man (29.11.11)

“The variety of man seals the inheritance of Babel.

The variety of man confirms the camp fires of adversity.

The variety of man promotes a call for a common language.

The variety of man denies the commonality of assent,

                                denies a footbridge to assembly,

                                denies the breaking of the boundaries,

                                denies a walk of understanding among the strangers,

                                denies the ease of a concerted effort,

                                denies forbearance in the interests of the nations.

The variety of man brings unity within diversity of all aspects of the life of man,

                                                    within a common culture,

                                                    within a specific culture,

                                                    within a culture installed by fear of divinity,

                                                    within a culture installed by trade,

                                                    within a culture installed by greed,

                                                    within a culture installed by domination.

The variety of man shares the common needs of life which vary in abundance.

The variety of man knows the seeking of the experience of God.

The variety of man knows the conflict  between light and darkness.

The variety of man knows the opposites of love and hate.

The variety of man is reflected in the family tree of conquest:

                                                                               of overcoming,

                                                                               of sustained viability,

                                                                               of living within the searching for resources.

The variety of man now dominates the earth,

                                now makes it subservient to his will,

                                now incurs the displeasure of the selfish.

The variety of man rebels against authority which intrudes,

                                          against attempts to enter his measured space on earth,

                                          against gratuitous advice which serves another’s purpose.

The variety of man separates and divides the resources as discovered,

                                                                   the resources as may be,

                                                                   the resources of possibility;

                                imposes barriers of taste and circumstance:

                                                                                  of dress,

                                                                                  of tongues,

                                                                                  of transportation,

                                                                                  of dwellings,

                                                                                  of environment,

                                                                                  of livelihood.

The variety of man wars,




                                    until exhaustion outweighs the call for victory;

                                    surrenders to the foe upon exhaustion of intent;

                                    carries on the fight upon renewal of intent.

The variety of man enmeshed in a fight for survival uses whatever is at hand,

                                                                                            whatever can be a weapon,

                                                                                            whatever serves the goal of overcoming the antagonist of the day.

The variety of man releases military might upon the whim of the few,

                                cannot reseal the bottle once the earth is soaked in blood,

                                cannot repeal the actions when pride becomes installed to take the pride of place.

The variety of man has a history of conflict,

                                has a history arising from satanic influence,

                                has a history portraying demonic activities vested in the soul of man,

                                                                                         manifested through the soul of man,

                                                                                         evidenced by the soul of man.

The variety of man continually tends to side with evil in the application of freewill:

                                                                               that which so castrates the future being of man.

The variety of man does not suffer confinement at the hands of the loving God,

                                does not suffer preferential treatment before the throne of God,

                                does not suffer rejection of hearts accepting change,

                                does not suffer exclusion from a relationship with God.”


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