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15. End-time Return of The Lord

The Vision (24.7.07)

He who has eyes let him see. He who has faith let him seek. He who has a tongue let him speak. He who has ears let him hear. He who has understanding let him act. He who has understanding let him watch. He who ...

The Vision Scriptures (24.7.07)

Habakkuk 2: 1–3 I will stand my watch And set myself on the rampart, And watch to see what He will say to me, And what I will answer when I am corrected. Then The Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision ...”

Justice in Judgement (22.10.08)

"In the sight of The Lord a seat of Justice and a seat of Judgement are indistinguishable and fully interchangeable. Only in the surroundings of the flesh of man do justice and judgement offer the possibility ...

The Ways of God (28.12.09)

The caravans of God are soon to be established, are soon to traverse the trade routes of the earth, will carry the wares of God, neither suffer let nor hindrance, are to serve the purposes of God, succour the needs of ...

The Promises of God (8.12.09)

Mighty are the ways of God - mighty in dispensation, mighty in application, mighty in restoration. Behold! In the might of God – with all power, with all authority – will the earth be born again. Again, behold! By the ...

The Coming of The Kingdom (25.8.09)

is very close at hand, is very robust in its nature, is very well planned and long expected, will instil the behaviour of heaven, will install the goals of heaven, will set in motion… the banishment of evil.

The Mustering of The Bride (8.8.09)

Fall of the dew; spreading of the wetness; fall of the rain; spreading of the downpour; fall of the fire; spreading of the conflagration; vestiges of the harvest; gleaning of the fields; dressing of the Bride.

The Attendants of The Bride (6.3.09)

The seven angels of heaven are coming to the earth, are descending in unison, each with his own entourage: are the surveyors of the earth, carry lamp stands ready for a service, carry the vestments of the Lord, the ...

The New Signs of The Kingdom (20.10.08)

The Banner of the Kingdom will withstand the attacks of man, is defended by the Hosts of Heaven, stands from this time. The Standard of The Kingdom stretches across the heavens, ..., reveals the love of God to ...

The New Day (21.11.08)

I, the Lord, speak to the people of this nation. I, the Lord, speak to the government of this nation. I, the Lord, speak to the councillors of this nation. I, the Lord, speak to the stewards of this nation – all those in positions...

The Glory of The Kingdom (20.11.08)

The trees of the field and the lilies of the valley are dressed in the adornment of heaven that is presently masked from the eyes of man. The trees of the field and the lilies of the valley display their verdancy to the ...

The Butterflies of Heaven (7.11.08)

Heaven is. Heaven is beyond the curtain of eternity, within the scope of man, is the home of agapé love, is the translator of man, the upholder of dimensions, is the guardian of creation, the architect of the mind of man ...


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