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The Gathering of The Bride (16.12.08)

“The day of the Kingdom is coming. 

The day of the Kingdom approaches as an express train nearing its destination. 

The express train has not stopped between stations. 

The express train is about to sound its whistle of impending arrival. 

The express train is slowing as it prepares to stop.


Crowds are gathering at the station waving flags. 

Crowds can hear the whistle of the train coming nearer. 

The crowds are showing much excitement at the station. 


Those on the carriages are preparing to alight. 

Those on the carriages have been planning this journey for a while. 

There is eager anticipation on the faces peering out the windows. 

There is shuffling in the corridors as positions are sought. 

Those on the seven carriages are ready to detrain. 

Those on the six carriages become silent now in honour. 

Those on the six carriages are to form the guard of honour – 

                                                                                the choristers – 

                                                                                the music masters – 

                                                                                those in attendance upon the visitor.


The crowds at the station are no longer waving flags. 

The crowds at the station are now orderly and quiet. 

The crowds at the station are now dressed in white.

The crowds at the station are all dressed in gowns – 

                                                                 in gowns that sparkle and are embellished.

The crowds at the station gently curtsy with a bowed knee – 

                                              their bands of gold glisten in the sunlight – 

                                                                        their hands are all joined together – 

                                                                                                  their faces reveal smiles of awe and expectation.

The crowds at the station move to form a seven-fold semicircle.


The last is first as the seventh carriage stops in its position so appointed. 

The seventh carriage unfolds and opens upwards.

The station and the crowds are enveloped by the light that is released. 

The crowds do not push forward, 

                    do not jostle, 

                    do not encroach on the footway of the visitor. 

The footway of the visitor is now bordered by those transparent – 

                                                      bordered by those alighting from the carriages numbering six.


The visitor alights but does not touch the ground. 

The visitor is enrobed, 

                        with a stature of regality. 

The visitor moves, 

                        without walking, 

                        along the footway so defined. 

The visitor approaches and processes along the ranks. 

The visitor lifts each hand presented, 

                                                  bent at the knuckles, 

                                                                            to his lips. 

The visitor greets each enthusiastically by the given name. 

The visitor moves backwards in reversal and beckons the greeting crowd to follow – 

                                                                                                           entrained aboard the seventh carriage.

Those transparent re-locate within the carriages numbering six.


The express train is about to sound the whistle of departure. 

The express train is bound for the next assigned station along the way. 

The express train displays The Standard marking the presence of the visitor.


The express train travels extremely fast. 

The express train can expand the seventh carriage as needed. 

The express train will fulfil its purpose. 

The express train will achieve its goal. 

The express train will not be impeded. 

The express train will not leave anyone at a station. 

The express train is the fulfilment of a promise. 

The express train has an appointment with a wedding.”


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