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The Seating on A Throne (27.11.10)

“The seating on a throne does not entail a dispossession, 

                                        does not occur because of a prior loss, 

                                        does not occur at the whim of one in authority.

The seating on a throne is as a secured birthright, 

                                      is as an inheritance which has come of age, 

                                      is as the sharing of position of one who has gone before.

The seating on a throne is in the days of knowledge, 

                                      is in the days of wisdom, 

                                      is in the days which see the re-birth of the spirit, 

                                                                             the graduation of the soul, 

                                                                             the transformation of the glove of man.

The seating on a throne is an event of grandeur, 

                                      is an event of confirmation, 

                                      is an event of the bestowal of the birthright promise: 

                                                                                                       on the worthy – 

                                                                                              who drink from the cup of righteousness.

The seating on a throne brings a crown to the table of the counsel, 

                                      brings a crown to the affairs of state, 

                                      brings a crown into the inheritance due the family of The King.

The seating on a throne is a degree of honour, 

                                      is the welcome due a soul, 

                                      is the fulfilment of a promise.

The seating on a throne changes the standing of the equals, 

                                      changes the environment encountered, 

                                      changes the capabilities on whom the crown does rest.

The seating on a throne sees the crowd rejoicing, 

                                      sees the feast of the reincarnation, 

                                      sees the presence of The Deity before the new face of man.

The seating on a throne hearkens to the counsel of The Father, 

                                      hearkens to the birthright of The Son, 

                                      hearkens to the oversight of The Holy Spirit.

The seating on a throne lies beyond the reach of time, 

                                             beyond the reach of mortal man, 

                                             beyond the reach of the grave which cloaks the second death.

The seating on a throne follows the race of life, 

                                      follows the awarding of the victor’s crown, 

                                      follows the admittance into the family of God.”


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