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The Emblem of Recognition for The Kingdom of God on The Earth


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Scope: For use by those in the Kingdom Of God who have and use the Gifts of The Spirit: to enable them to identify others, each at their own stage of their personal Christian walk, having also made Jesus their personal Saviour.

Out and about: When encountering the Emblem of The Spirit on clothing, there’s the opportunity to greet one another briefly as we pass in the street. When worn on clothing and the like, such items may well prove to be conversation ‘openers’; leading to opportunities to share one’s faith and personal experiences of the Christian Journey.

Residential Recognition: When strolling the streets of our neighbourhoods, the streets of our cities – the streets of any city of any country on earth – we can identify other folk who are also in the Kingdom of God – via their letterboxes, or window Kingdom decals or flags of the Kingdom flying above their homes. Make ourselves known to one another and fellowship together.

Business Recognition: Again, Flag of the Kingdom decals can be displayed and/or this Flag of the Kingdom flown by businesses (e.g. Motels) or governing authorities.

Evangelism: The Mission Field, Marches, Peaceful Protests, Gatherings, Sporting Occasions, Tours, Holidays, Adventures, Backpacks & Luggage, Vehicles, Travellers, Statements of Personal Position, Gifts and Presents - and there must be many others where a declaration as to the personal colours of the King of kings is both timely and relevant.

Proclamation: Further, the Banner, the Flag of the Kingdom can be used as decals on our dwellings, vehicles and letterboxes and as the Emblem of The Spirit on our clothing – for all who wish to proclaim Jesus as Lord.

Who We Are: The Flag of the Kingdom may be used both to remind the family members and to proclaim that our own personal kingdom – the kingdom of our home – has been reclaimed and is now under His Authority. (For example, by being placed on a door post, window, fridge, computer and the like.) Remembering that in this regard we are Princes and Princesses of Heaven – the sons and daughters of God and members of His household. Being Ambassadors of Christ here, our homes are Embassies of Heaven, and, as kings, we rule together as co-regents of our kingdoms here on earth under the authority of Jesus, the King of kings.

Particular Scriptural Situations: Use wisdom and discernment in all things.

Now is The Time: There is no better time. It is for this time that we are here. It is for this time that we were born. It is for this time that we are called as witnesses for Jesus. It is in this time we are offered the discipleship of our Lord. It is in this time we need the power of recognition. It is in this time we search for kindred spirits on the journey home.

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Now is the time to obtain your Banner / Flag / Standard of The Kingdom of God 


The Banner of The Kingdom takes the place of precedence over every other flag; dipping only to an Altar of The Kingdom of God.

The Banner of The Kingdom Flag flies only from the vertical, with the Flag horizontal; never to be hung as a fallen cross.


The Banner of Design

The Red Cross

“The Red Cross points man to My sacrifice of love within an agony of sin,
                 and My Father’s grief at My Blood that was shed.
                                      that man,
                                             in believing on Me,
                                                       may now have eternal life.”

The White Cross

“The White Cross decrees the purity of The Father standing behind His Son.
  He who has seen The Father has seen The Son.
  He who recognizes The Father will recognize The Son.
  He who knows The Father will know The Son.
  He who is known by The Son is welcomed into the household of The Father.”

The Star and its Positioning

“It is the Star of the New Covenant.
 It is the Star of Bethlehem.
 It is the Bright and Morning Star of which John writes.
 And for the gentiles of the nations of the world in the new covenant,
              it is the Bright and Morning Star in all the fullness of glory.

The position marks the meeting of the boundaries of man and the boundaries of heaven.
            Let those who have wisdom,

The Blue on the Banner

“It portrays the Curtain of Eternity.
 The Curtain of Eternity is blue.
 The Curtain of Eternity ensures the eyes of the flesh cannot penetrate the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven.
 The eyes of the flesh can only view as My Spirit so reveals.
 My Spirit moves the Curtain of Eternity in the presence of The Father.”


The Banner Defined


A5Banner1 200

“It is The Banner of The Kingdom when lifted high and fully extended with a pole at either end placed in sleeves of white material
            each carefully sewn with white thread.

 Standard1 200

It is The Standard of The Kingdom when a pole is used at the edge of the Cross only,
            in order to hold the sleeved Banner upright,
            but self-draping.

A5Flag 200

And it is The Flag of The Kingdom when held upright by cords,
            whether with toggles or clips,
                      that enables it to fly freely in the winds of change,
                                 the closest to the heavens.
The pole or the cord can be either part of creation or manufactured,
            so long as either is chosen to do its task with excellence.

Truly does The Banner of The Kingdom proclaim over;
            and truly does The Standard of The Kingdom mark asunder;
                                and truly does The Flag of The Kingdom establish claim to:
                                                                          the territories of man;
                                                                                       whether held by kings or queens,
                                                                                                                 rulers of the people or despots who seize.

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For The Banner of The Kingdom,
         The Standard of The Kingdom,
         The Flag of The Kingdom will become The Sign of The Kingdom,
                                                                                              The Sign of Grace,
                                                                                              The Sign of Justice.
                                      This Sign will become the Emblem of My Spirit before the eyes of man.”

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