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6th Book Reviews                                   'GOD Speaks to His Bridal Presence'

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                                       6"x9" U.S.A. Edition
5 New Zealand Paper Back Edition 280pp. ISBN 978-0-9941100-5-3
                                       2nd Edition in PDF format 360pp.
ISBN 978-0-9941099-5-8
Bk 6 front cover 200dpi 308x476
   These missives disclose God’s relationship to His bride; verify His intent in closing the wait of millennia by her. Here is God speaking from eternity: concerned with the finality of preparation for the homecoming of His bride.   
His book speaks so we may know what is expected, know our ways of achieving same – know how to realize the goal as set before us, so we may have our treasure with our jewels stored beyond the refiner’s fire, where the key is not available to rob or to destroy, where such has the oversight of God.
   This book speaks to the would-be Bride of The Lamb of God – to the bride in all her glory, to the bride in belonging, to the bride in gathering, to the bride in preparation, to the bride in servanthood, to the bride in reality, to the bride-in-waiting, to the bride in purity, to the bride in presentation ready for uplifting.
   The alerting of His bride-in-waiting to Her coming time, so all occurs with purity for each within freewill; as expected: the groom bedecked in finery, in the presence of receiving angels, as The Hosts ready to attend the bride at the altar.
   This is the sixth book for the encouragement of His people – of all peoples seeking to know their God in person – to not wile away their days in ignorance, for all to commit to a destiny of wonder, for all to examine their expectation from life: the goal; the purpose; the certainty achieved; the idols which have been placed for prominence. All of relevance to each life established and where each goes from here.
   Man’s wielding of freewill is not a matter for casual consideration, can result in going where choice would not so place. The content herein, as received from The Lord of Hosts, is worthy of perusal for application to each life while it is today.

Books are readily accessed for reading from: NZ Public Libraries
and from the Library at Avarua, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands (June 2014).


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