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                  9th Book Reviews                                   'GOD Speaks of His Love and Freewill Destinies of Man'



  A5 Paper Back 2nd Edition format 124pp February 2017) ISBN 978-0-9941100-9-1
in Electronic Book PDF format 124pp. ISBN 978-0-9941099-7-2

Book 9 frontcover 308x476 200dpi                                     My Little Book


                                                        “This is the little book of which John writes.

It is My Alpha and Omega,

My First and My Last,                                          

                                                                           the Beginning and the End.

                                                          For now the seal is broken.

                                                          For now My little book is timed for release unto a hungry world.

                                                          For now My little book brings the demarcations of the eternal destinies of man.

                   For now My little book brings to the attention of man the bitter from the sweet—

                                 as it is placed upon the tongue of man,

                                 as it is digested for the nourishment of man,

                    as it is sought for tasting as the end-time fare of man.”

The Scribe, 2.22 –  2.37am Friday 6th January 2017


Do not disparage this little book of God— for in it are gigantic concepts, for both the present and the future, as God shares with an intensity of The Spirit of how His love fulfills the will of God. For within this little book can the destinies of man be changed, can the lives of His saints achieve their full potential, can the promises of God become established in the inheritance of man.

About My Little Book

“My little book has been held in readiness,

    has been kept secure,

                                                                               has the bespoke passages of God of both significance and earnestness.

My little book now comes forth to see the light of day among the multitudes,

                                                   among the seekers and the thoughtful,

                                                   among the waiting and the ready,

                                                   among the broken-hearted and the cheerless,

                                                   among the hopeless and the lost—

                                                              both in their spirits and their souls.

My little book has been waiting a long time in the calendar of man,

    has been ready for release in the calendar of God,

    has been awaiting the end-time networking of man.

My little book releases the nuts and bolts of God which fit the spanners and the holes within the framework as held by man—

                                                   that man may fit and tighten both My truth and righteousness within the home where they belong.

My little book is the chaperone to the soul,

    is the motivator to the spirit,

    is the backstop to a slide upon a slippery slope.

My little book points the way to a golden future,

    is the starting pistol held aloft in readiness to start a race,

    is the holder of the key points well worth remembering,

    is the release of the scent of The Spirit on a very dusty playground,

    is the caller-to-attention for serious consideration of the content held aloft—

                                                                    and now lowered into the outreached hands of man.

My little book has appeared before man in the past—

when it was sampled by My disciple John when on his island in the sea,

                                    when on his island before Me,

                                    when on his island for the record,

                                    when with his record which survives before the face of man for this very day.

My little book carries a mighty message—

    opens the initial thoughts of stardom;

    opens the possibility of a future of success where the past is long forsaken—

                                                   where the future is being granted access;

    opens the thought patterns of man to consider the significance of his freewill;

                                                                   the significance of selecting a destiny of choice;

                                                                   the significance of all the implications depending on his acting on his own freewill.

My little book is easily identified,

    is easily acquired,

    is easily read,

    is easily confirmed,

    is easily assessed,

    is easily assimilated,

    is easily understood with the message for today.

My little book is My blessing of The multitudes—

so all may have the opportunity to progress their lives into their eternity of choice:

either in companionship within the family of God

or stagnant within the gates of hell.

My little book highlights the power of evil intent running rampant,

upon acceptance,

within the souls of man.

For there,

within My little book,

is contrasted the sweetness—

to be found within the light as brought and shed by God;

with the bitterness —

as strewn around in the darkness by the works of Lucifer,
                                                                                                 of Satan,
                                                                                                 of the prince of darkness:

as evidenced within the bounds of his deceit—

the proliferation of the lies issuing from the mouth of man.

For Lucifer has long been and is removed,


        and dispossessed—

                from the counselling rooms of God.

My little book is an introduction to the godless of what a God should be,

    is either an introduction to where foresight leads to a great reward with an inheritance,

    or where rejection ultimately leads to a head filled with regrets—

                                                      which negates an option no longer subject to a choice.

My little book is as an island floating on the river of life,

    is as an island visiting and departing,

    is as an island with a call—

to hope and substance which can be grasped while all comes to rest:

prior to again moving forward with the guiding current active—

the other eight parts of The End-time Psalms of God.

My little book has a season of fruitfulness,

    has a season of newness,

    has a season of expectancy and hope,

of eventuality and trust,

of both faith and action,

of when Grace is available and fully understood.

My little book carries the power of assignment:

     the power of truth revealed,

     the power of truth believed,

     the power of truth enacted—

     the power enabled from the cross,

     the power for the salvation of man,

     the power to establish the reconciliation of man with the Loving Living God.

My little book is not now here to be ignored,

    is now here to catch the attention span of man,

       to blend the spirit of man over the soul of man,

       to blend the mortality of man in preparation with the eternity of man in his majesty of supremacy within creation—

                                                                                                                              so to be fitted out in The Temple of My Spirit with a heart in tune.”

The Scribe,

10.54 – 11.43am, 12.55 – 1.28pm Saturday 7th January 2017




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