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7th Book Reviews                                   'GOD Speaks as His Presence Unto The Edifice of God'

   6"x9" U.S.A. Edition
   A5 NZ Paper Back 1st Edition 108pp. ISBN 978-0-473-23179-8

Reformatted 2nd Edition (18.12.15) in PDF format 550pp. ISBN 978-0-9941099-6-5

   God discloses His will in clBook 7 Frntcov 308x476 200dpiarity and intent as He indicates His expectations for the establishment of The Throne of God before the face of Man.

   The Edifice of God brings knowledge with wisdom to The Waiting, brings forth understanding with enlightenment to His people, shares and encourages participation in His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God on The Earth is soon to commence to rule in glory. 

   This seventh book speaks of the reigning of The King within His Kingdom’s rule, of His edicts and His principles which will direct and guide the Kingdom’s citizenry, of His love and care – as to be evidenced within the changes as governance is both established and confirmed.

   This book speaks of His decrees, of the functioning and purposing of His edicts with some varying in their scope of applicability, of the morality to be expected, of the absenting of ethics, of the environment to be encountered within His Kingdom, of the accountability inherent in the present freewill of man while under grace.

   This book details aspects of life to be expected within The Kingdom of God on The Earth. Gives notice to man as to the limits of his behaviour – of that which he shall not, or may so, do.

   This handbook of The Kingdom of The Lord follows after the tribulation of man, lists matters of what should be of concern to His bride; lists matters of what would be of concern to the multitudes surviving; lists matters of what might be of concern to those seen to be the most at risk. Refer 'My Book Seven Status'.
   This book is concise and meaningful, is relevant and current to man’s coming need for preparation, lists the practicalities involved in bringing such a change unto the earth; of the matters counselled to be avoided by man; of the matters seen to be appropriate for adoption by man, of matters as appearing in the Index of the present future, not so very far away, with which man should be cognizant and familiar.

Books are readily accessed for reading from: NZ Public Libraries
and from the Library at Avarua, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands (June 2014).


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