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Book 8 has a full indexing (1,100 + items) in its Appendix of all the other 8 volumes in The End-time Psalms of God.
This is also together with the
Cross-indexed Category Study Aid listed under 29 topics: Communication, DivCom Daniel, DivCom Revelation, DivCom Ezekiel, Edicts of The Lord, Edifice of God, Encouragement, Eternity Beckoning, Fear of God, Freewill of Man, Good News, My Banner, My Counsel, My Creation, My Garden, My Grace, My Harvest, My Kingdom on Earth, My Love, My Return, Preparation, Thanksgiving of Man, The Cross, The End-time, The Trinity, Tongues, Vision & Dream, Website of The Lord, Wisdom.

                  8th Book 1 Review                                     'GOD Speaks of Loving His Creation'

6"x9" U.S.A. Edition
A5 NZ Paper Back 2nd Edition format 286pp 6.10.16) ISBN 978-0-9941100-7-7   

                                                 in PDF format 286pp. ISBN 978-0-9941100-8-4

Book 8 frntcov w:o bleed 308x476dpi 200    God speaks of many differing aspects of His Garden in specific detail bringing knowledge with wisdom to the attention of man, bringing forth understanding with enlightenment to His people, sharing and encouraging man’s presence in His garden. The garden of God is viable and true, is complete and ready, is waiting for His Bride’s appearance with the return of The Lord where man is free in deed.
   God speaks of that which the bride may expect upon her entry into the garden, of the scope and the differing of both the physical and the spiritual after His return.  There are many items speaking of His garden— of when and what to expect, of the form and the operating basis of life and of how man should prepare within mortality for life within eternity.  There, where a new environment is encountered within the garden of His Kingdom: where grace is at an end— where mercy is located near a seat.

   God speaks of much of interest in life within His Garden. His would-be-bride is informed as to the changes to be expected, the enhanced abilities of the senses of man for configuring the scope and scale of life in marrying both the physical and the spiritual to the surroundings of experience.

   God speaks in a way which is concise and meaningful, is relevant and current to man’s present need for preparation, lists the practicalities involved in bringing this change into effect; of matters of the present and the not-so-distant future in the Index, with which man is entrusted to be cognizant and familiar.

   There are foundational aspects of life which will be encountered prior to and within His garden. His bride should have foreknowledge of her coming new home: its locations, styles and settings— so love and care, with comfort and assuredness, may reign within each heart.

   An extensive Appendix listing a major master alphabetical index of some 1030 items related to each of the nine books is also installed.

Books are readily accessed for reading from: NZ Public Libraries
and from the Library at Avarua, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands (June 2014).


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