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4th Book— To 6 Reviews                        'GOD Speaks to Man in The End-time'


Book 4 is currently (15 May 2019+2 weeks) being expanded to 248 pages with this cover


                                     USA 6"x9" Soft Cover Paper Back Edition 164pp 37,369 words. ISBN 978-1-939670-36-6
                                     Also in ePub ISBN                        & Kindle Mobi format ISBN                                    162pp 37,345 words.

book4Frontcover-paperback308x476150dpi   This book speaks of the welcome extended to man; the invitation like unto none other: the appeal to wisdom and to love – which sees the fullness fall for the end-time benefit of man.
   For the chaos descends on the unreceptive soul, the turmoil on the soul destitute of faith, the wages of sin on the soul with the deafened and blinded spirit of man when captured by his soul.
   For the season, when the promise of The Father is served up to all who would uplift these offered gifts, is upon us – the season just prior to The Advent of The Lord.
   Each call in this collection speaks its own specific knowledge. These did not originate from human reasoning or intellect. In that sense, alone, each deserves close examination as to the origin, the intent and the truthfulness both implicit and contained.
   This book offers access to the ages of man, his aspirations, his progression in both wisdom and understanding, and his companionship with God.
   Faith in Jesus, The Christ, is the only way to God. Jesus is unique and pre-eminent in the history of the earth. Do not dismiss Him lightly, for He is worthy of man’s trust and of man’s faith. The martyrs through the centuries have so testified with their blood and screams of agony.
   The calls in this 4th book confirm the certainty of both life and existence beyond the grave of man and how to benefit from this knowledge during man’s time of preparation in this, his mortality.
   Man’s destinies are as black and white, the Prince of Darkness, or Jesus, The Christ. Either one or the other will be reached by man’s own freewill of choice: where the default of darkness approaches like a fire-storm – as by delay, as by postponement, as by intended misconceptions, as by an intended search put off – until the eyes are closed in death. Then good deeds will have no report to make, no case to plead, no substance to appeal and darkness wins the day.
   This book is as a stepping stone and a precursor that will open new vistas, new possibilities and the way to new life: for all who seek the truth and the purpose of mortality declared within these pages of The Lord, Jesus The Christ, The Lamb of God, The Lion of Judah, The King of kings, The Redeemer of mankind, The Saviour of the lost.

Books are readily accessed for reading from: NZ Public Libraries
and from the Library at Avarua, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands (June 2014).


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